Egypt’s Army Continues Round-Up of Muslim Brotherhood Leaders

Warns Against 'Circle of Revenge' as It Continues Political Arrests

Egypt’s Army has issued a statement admonishing all faction to avoid attacks on political officials, saying there is a risk of the nation “falling into an endless circle of revenge” after this week’s coup.

That’s not stopping the army from its own political round-up, however, as it continues its mass arrest of members of the ousted Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) as well as the Muslim Brotherhood.

Spiritual leader Mohammed Badie was the latest arrested, taken from a friend’s home and flown by military helicopter to Cairo, where he is being held without charges by the new junta. Around 200 political figures overall are believed to be in a similar spot.

Egypt had a long history of politically-motivated detentions before the revolution, and there are growing fears that following the coup it is back to business as usual, and Mubarak-style detentions of anyone seen as a political threat to the new junta.

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