State Dept Spokesman Invites Iran to Bilateral Talks

Confirms Offer in Interview with Iranian Media

In an interview with Iranian media, US State Department spokesman Alan Eyre confirmed that he is offering bilateral talks between the US and Iranian governments

Mysteriously, the interview was posted on Fars News, the Iranian outlet’s website, and then removed almost immediately thereafter. Persian language versions remain on several other Iranian sites, and the State Department confirmed its authenticity.

The US seems willing to talk, but loathe to admit its willingness, which likely suggests the lack of any publicity for the offer by the State Department, beyond confirming it when pressed on the matter.

The offer comes immediately after a new, bizarre round of US sanctions against Iran, including a wholesale ban on the importation of coal, bauxite, and virtually anything made of metal. The move reflects that even when the US is willing to talk, there is a lot of momentum toward continuing hostility.

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