Obama: US Unsure Who Used Chemical Weapons in Syria

Obama: US Unsure Who Used Chemical Weapons in Syria | Claims ‘evidence’ of usage, but stumped on who, how, or when

President Obama claims that the US now has “evidence” of chemical weapons use inside Syria, but is missing some very key pieces of the puzzle, such as when they were used, how they were used, and most importantly who even used them.

Insisting that the Pentagon planners had given him an array of “options” militarily, Obama conceded that the US really can’t confirm that the Assad government actually used the chemical weapons and that they couldn’t really do anything until they figure that part out.

Intelligence sources last month were saying that the largest such “attack” was almost certainly launched by the rebels, noting that it targeted Syrian troops and used a more primitive type of agent than the Syrian arsenal is believed to consist of.

At the time US officials weren’t even willing to concede that an attack happened at all. Now that they have decided to affirm the incident, apparently a result of an Israeli general insisting it happened, they are still left with a giant gaping hole in the story: why would the Syrian military launch a chemical weapon at its own troops?

The Syrian government was so confident of this being the rebels that they were the first to call for a UN investigation, and it only stalled because instead of conducting an investigation the UN sought a mandate to probe the entire chemical weapons arsenal and everything else in the entire nation. Iran appears equally comfortable that this wasn’t their ally’s doing, insisting any chemical weapons use is a “red line.”

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  • The Syrian government should invite their ally Russia to send troops to (safe)guard the chemical stock piles. If they did the west would have second thoughts of invading Syria. And in that case they would know at once who are using chemical weapons.' which I am sure are the proxy invaders from surrounding nations.

  • mojo

    To start with let see who used it and who got the chemical samples and who exported to England for examining the unknown chemical…, then where it was examined and by who.., as long as we know the sample was brought to England by M5 or other British spy agency and it was examined by a British lab.., the origin of this chemical use news was from Israelis which both of these regime, the British and Israelis are involved in Syria war and both regimes political and economic interests is at stake, British supply's the bandits with weapon and terrorism so as the French fueling this war.., and you telling me that all that needs to be proven to White House or any other house to see that all this is a plot, a hand made political plot with a finger print all over the copies sent to all those houses by those who wants for US to get involved completing the origin idea for USA and EU wanting to occupy the entire Middle East and they would not stop at anything..,

  • RickR30

    Yeah, only the overpaid ivy-league graduated parasites in government are "unsure." Everyone with half a brain knows that the terrorists murderers will use whatever they can get their hands on and not Assad's people.

    • pendulum

      probably graduated without attending, like bush

  • Ben_C

    I find it interesting that the Obama Administration, along with the subsequent lame-stream 'rumors', have now accused Assad of using Sarin Gas–using a chemical WMD–on a "small scale".

    This is 'interesting' for a number of reasons:

    One being the fact this means the lame-stream gossip, needless to say orchestrated and encouraged on by the Obama Administration (i.e. 'letter to Senate'), is now accusing Assad of personally using a weapon that was never even used in a Military theater by the NAZIs themselves…ever…even though the NAZIs possessed these weapons….. In fact, there is no real hard 'evidence' Sarin Gas has ever been used in a Military theater by anyone in the history of planet earth…with the exception of 'allegations' it "may" have been used by the Iraqi Government in a conflict that occurred in 1988 lasting a total of 2 days…

    So…in conclusion…the lame-stream is literally accusing Assad of being ;'worse/crazier than Hitler/the NAZIs' with no actual 'proof'…and, on top of everything, all this is widely being lapped up as "truth"?!?!

    This is the absolute pinnacle of absurdity!!!

    If the lame-stream laps this up, what wont those navel-gazing retards 'believe'?

  • Robespierre

    Just ask McCain this Sunday who used the poison gas. This Zeus from whose head Palin sprung fully grown will tell you. He knows all things pertinent to war and so do his Republican associates.

  • Paul

    Shut up liar baby killer and war criminals. You will pay for your crimes and dumb policies where killed thousands of innocent peopel. so the dumb population and arrogant of America. Down with you and your MASTERS, the zionists. Shame on you. We are waiting for a day that you, the criminal, is handcuffed and convicted as a war criminal. But we know ICC is a whore house with many pikmps in it. Down with the west.

  • Joao Alfaiate

    If the rebels used poison gas does this mean we are going to help Assad crush his foes?

    • curmudgeonvt

      Finally, someone asks the appropriate question. If the Assad regime using chemicals is a red line, why isn't the rebels using chemicals a red line?

      • Loose Savage

        Why isn't France's sponsorship the rebels a red line? Time to storm Normandy again!

  • Translation: The US can't frame Assad for the chemical weapons, and the cratering of the Boston propaganda proved Americans won;t take the government's word on anything.

    • rise up

      Boston propaganda

      false flag. everyone knows but gullibles