Syrian Rebels: 500 Dead in Damascus Suburb Offensive

Week-Long Jdeidet Offensive Has Rebel Factions Crying Massacre

Yesterday, the pro-rebel Syrian Observatory for Human Rights estimated 80 people were killed in the five-day Syrian military offensive against the Damascus suburb of Jdeidet al-Fadl, while other rebel factions were claiming 250.

Today, the SOHR revised their figure, saying that they can confirm 109 killed, but then going on to say that they figure the actual death toll is around 500, making this one of the deadliest incidents of the civil war.

Other Syrian rebel factions echoed the estimate, terming the offensive against the rebel-held suburb a “crime against humanity” and a massacre of enormous proportions. Acting SNC President George Sabra claimed Syrian President Bashar Assad explicitly ordered the troops to “kill and massacre” civilians in the offensive.

Syrian state media provided no estimate for the toll, but claimed the military inflicted “heavy losses” on the rebels in the suburb. Jdeidet and other Sunni suburbs have long been left to rebel control but surrounded by Syrian troops, and the recent offensive suggests that the military may be looking to reclaim some lost ground.

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