Russian FM Warns US, North Korea Against ‘Spiral’

Urges Both Sides to Avoid 'Unilateral' Action

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warns that the tit-for-tat threats by the US and North Korea risk a “vicious circle” of spiraling tensions that could lead to a major military confrontation.

Neither North Korea’s government nor the Obama Administration could likely dispute that fact. Rather, they would both insist that it is entirely the other side’s doing and that their reaction to the opposing rhetoric is appropriate.

The US military is hyping its ability to “strike quickly and at will” against North Korea, with nuclear-capable bombers flying over the area almost constantly. North Korean officials say they too are prepared for missile strikes.

Lavrov urged both sides to avoid unilateral actions in the growing spat and seems to be hoping for a spontaneous deescalation that neither side seems willing to go through with. Where this will all end is anyone’s guess.

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