Treasury Dept: Americans Can Send Cash to Syrian Rebels

Syria Sanctions Don't Apply to Rebels

The US Treasury Department has issued a blanket exemption from Syrian sanctions for the Syrian National Coalition of Opposition and Revolution Forces (CORF), insisting the sanctions are only meant to apply to Syria’s government, not the rebels trying to unseat them.

“The Syrian government has sacrificed all legitimacy,” they insisted in a statement, saying that American citizens and companies are now free to send money to rebel fighters in the name of supporting a “peaceful Syria.”

The US government has committed to sending over $100 million in aid to the rebels, but has balked at sending arms, on concern that the al-Qaeda affiliates in the group could end up using the arms against US troops later on.

Since CORF’s leadership is overwhelmingly Islamists of the sort the Treasury Department would be jailing Americans for donating money to, it will be interesting to see if this exemption will mean an influx of money to the rebels, or if would-be donors will remain concerned that they could face punishment when the groups are no longer en vogue.

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