Sequestration: Israel Could ‘Gradually’ Lose $500 Million in US Aid

Loss Would Mostly Come in Special Aid for Missile Programs

While Democrats and Republicans continue to trade blame for sequestration, while predicting doom and gloom for their assorted pet projects, the focus of many continues to be on Israel, and the notion that the several billion dollars of annual aid could be trimmed a bit.

It’s a shocking idea to many, since Israel aid is among the most sacrosanct items in the US budget, and officials just assume growth in any given year as a matter of course, with special boosts of “emergency” aid whenever Israel happens to start a war.

AIPAC has been loudly lobbying against any cuts against what Secretary of State John Kerry has referred to as the “vital mission” of throwing billions of dollars at Israel annually, but barring a deal Israel will “gradually” see its stipends getting a little smaller.

This could potentially bring the already ugly sequestration battle to an even uglier point, since Congressmen on either side of the aisle, when presented with an “Israel or something else” choice are always going to choose what they perceive as the pro-Israel move, and anything, whether devastating tax hikes or deeper cuts to other programs will almost surely come first if officials have anything to say about it.

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  • Loraine

    It's tme we cut aid to Israel (when we are having such hard financial tmes here at home). What does Israel do for us?

    • curmudgeonvt

      Why, they send millions of (US taxpayer) dollars to their paid-for-subjects in the US Congress…who willingly continue to facilitate the laundering of US taxpayer dollars.

  • mojo

    Is a shocking news.., only 500 million dollars…, in missile defense…, how about all other billions in cash and hardware.., how about USA not paying or giving a penny to Israel, after all is the American people's money.., they can use it at home helping the economy at home. Israel always can beg from its billioners to chip in.

  • Yonatan

    Trim the whole amount – permanently

  • Walter Cole

    What´s the big deal? Appart from the military support, we get most of the money back to America by way of support for AIPAC, bribes to our political officials, etc. We must be humain about this aid to Israel thing – how else is Israel going to control us if we don´t pay them to do so?

  • Lee Luttrell

    Wait for it…Wait for it….If you cut our aid…you are Anti-Semitic!

    • LOL – …. and a terrorist . You are so right though !!! Wait until that Troll Lindsy start piling on .

  • byrd_bahls22

    When is I$rael going to grow up ? What will it take to fling the parasites from the ca$h cow udder$ ? And being anti parasite is not the same as being anti-Semitic. There are parasites from all walks of life.

  • Augustbrhm

    The aid will end owing trillions is no joke the average american is hurting badly with no end in sight and owing China trillions is no laughing matter either should she call in the debts would mean every building the US govt owns can be taken over by the Chinese that is how bad it is.

  • Robert Shule

    At least one good thing is coming out of this sequestration…

  • Fantastic news. It's NOT all doom and gloom. This is a start. A small start BUT still a start nonethe less.

  • klyde

    Israel will get every dime of our money. Boner and Reid will call special sessions of congress, probably in the middle of the night to restore any lost funding.

  • I have read such bad things about the f35. A jet aircraft wich cost $110,000,000 each and only one defect which is it tends to kill the pilot. Maybe the USA is willing to give so may in an attempt to destroy the migthy Israel airforce. It is the only logical answer why so many are given away free.


    If we cut their aid they won't be friends with us anymore! LOL

  • chris

    The sooner the better

  • Disgruntled Taxpayer

    Since we are discussing US taxpayers money, why don't we have a National Referendum on the subject of supporting a terrorist nation with US taxpayers money?
    Since when does AIPAC dictate to our government how/when our taxpayers funds are to be spent?
    Let the American taxpayers decide.
    Isn't THAT democracy or do we allow our corrupt politicians, like Linsey Graham, Eric Cantor, Chuck Shumer and their pro-Israel nauseating ilk, allocate our hard earned money to their favorita cause?
    Time to wake up and smell the coffee America. We are getting robbed!!

  • abe

    Illinena Ros-Lietien you forgot that gasbag