US Tries to Keep Syrian Rebels From Boycotting Rome Conference

US Tries to Keep Syrian Rebels From Boycotting Rome Conference | Rebel leadership spurns US, Russian offers for talks

Despite claiming unity, the rebel Syrian National Coalition (SNC) seems more divided than ever, to the extent that the high profile Rome Conference, aimed at convincing Western nations to supply them with more funding and arms, may not even happen.

Well, it will happen, but most of the SNC may not be in attendance with several groups threatening to boycott the meeting, both as a function of internal divisions and tensions with the international community.

US officials are desperately trying to talk everyone into attending, warning this may be the only chance at convincing the West into short-term policy shifts toward Syria, with open talk of stepping up direct armament of the rebels.

Long-term anger at not getting armed seems to be fraying rebel patience however, with reports that they have recently spurned both US and Russian talks, citing “shameful” silence over the fighting in Aleppo.

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  • mojo

    These rebels are owned by what is called "friends of Syria" …, the very same friends.., real enemies.., of Syria people understands that this war is no winnable by these rebels no matter how much they are going to spend and amount of arms they are going to supply…, after two years the EU and USA have come to their senses realizing the fact wanting to stop the war…, these meetings are forced on these rebels of betrayal of the Syrian people to accept the fact that EU nor USA is going to provide them with any more help.., the entire politics regarding Syria has changed but for these rebels is yet to be understood.., now they are angry at their masters by boycotting these meetings…, like they have any rights to say other then what their masters ordering them to do.., stop fighting you idiots…, you don't have the support of the Syrian people…, when your masters cries is a crocodile tears and you thought it was real.

  • Augustbrhm

    america has no more say in the middle east and should get out before causing more trouble and instability.