Northern Lebanon Fighting Continues: 17 Killed in a Week

Army Fails to Get Tripoli Back Under Control

Repeated military deployments into the city and constant patrols on Syria Street have failed to calm the northern Lebanese port city of Tripoli, and sectarian fighting shows no sign of slowing down, with Sunnis and Alawites clashing from their respective neighborhoods.

Six more were killed and 40 wounded in today’s fighting, with the districts trading not just machine gun fire but rocket attacks, and fear that the city could come under artillery strike. At least 17 have been killed over the course of the week.

Officials and religious leaders both insist that the army is capable of restoring order, but with Syria’s civil war continuing to worsen, the spillover shows no signs of slowing down.

Though Lebanon has its share of sectarian tensions, the fighting in Tripoli seems entirely a function of the Syrian war, with Sunnis from the neighborhood backing the Syrian rebels clashing with members of the Alawite minority, the same sect as Syrian President Bashar Assad.

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