Panetta Reiterates US Commitment to Israel

Panetta Reiterates US Commitment to Israel | US backs off threats to punish Palestinians for UN bid

Fresh off the US vote against Palestinian statehood at the UN General Assembly, a vote on behalf of Israel and significant in that they were virtually the only major nation to do so, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta is reiterating that the US ties to Israel are “stronger than ever” and that they remain committed to Israel.

Even if the US did vote with Israel on the resolution, as did the usual Pacific islands that vote with the US as a matter of course, there seems to be some disappointment among Israelis that the US didn’t manage to stop the vote entirely, as they repeatedly tried to.

After the overwhelming victory for Palestine at the General Assembly, both the US and Israel are backing off their assorted threats of retaliations against them, and trying to downplay the significance of the vote at all.

This is despite AIPAC predicting “dire consequences” for the Palestinians for having won the vote, saying they were confident Congress would retaliate against the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) for the vote.

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  • mojo

    You don't have any other alternative Mr. Pantetta, because you and your boss are not the man of peace and justice, you are warmonger as George W. Bush was, one is democrat the other republic.

  • Harry

    About as convincing as Creepshow's character Richard Vickers line, "I can hold my breath for a long
    time!"–delivered as he is about to drown in an unstoppable incoming tide– which is probably about as appropriate an image as there is for the United States in this mess.

  • Canadian

    The US is drowning, but insists it will never let go of its israeli anchor.

  • rosemerry

    The US Senate and "reps" have already moved to stop "aid to Palestinians" and enact more anti-Iran sanctions. How can a country be so obstinate and stupid, when all the world sees the results?What does Israel give to the USA or anyone??? The 3000 more Jewish housing units announce by Netanyahu to destroy any remaining hope for Palestine except tiny fragments has been greeted by a pathetic "please don't" by the F/UK/US. Nobody will punish Israel, and the $100million "facility" for Israel will continue, along with US weapons to replace those which destroyed so much in Gaza.

  • nomange

    What a jerk Panetta has evolved into. And now he remains silent about the new settlements, so that the choo-choo train could still be headed for a wreck, unless the Administration gets sensible.

    By the way, this US and Israeli call to the Palestinians for bilateral "negotiations" without also working through the UN is not only disingenuous, it disregards the history of the creation of the State of Israel itself. After all, at the end of 1947, a Rube Goldberg partition plan that nobody in his
    right mind would have accepted without negotiating for something more sensible was foisted on the Palestinians in a take it or leave it offer. When the Palestinians refused, the Israelis seized the land in a military operation, destroying over 500 Palestinian villages, and driving out over 700,000 Palestinians, even though the Palestinians had represented the great majority of the population and owned over 90% of the land.

    So, there are debts still to pay, even if those with the guns and military power are unwilling to acknowledge it.

  • mr correct

    that shows how USA is isolated with Israel. obama put himself in a awkward situation, i voted for him but i regret. now the US lost there power among the Arabe world, Europe, and Asia. if our founder fathers were alive they will be ashamed of this situation. 2013 will be a big change year. peace and love to all.