Netanyahu Calls Obama to Congratulate Him on Reelection

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu phoned President Obama on Thursday to congratulate him on his reelection following criticism that his flagrant preference for a Romney victory was inappropriate.

Netanyahu and his Likud Party hadnot-so-privately yearned for Obama to get voted out by Republican contender Mitt Romney, in what opposition leader Shaul Mofaz described as “a rude, blunt, unprecedented, wanton and dangerous intervention in the United States election.”

“Netanyahu bet on the wrong president and got us into hot water with Obama,” declared the opposition Kadima Party in a statement.

Netanyahu’s office said he had called Obama and told him his reeleciton “was a vote of confidence in your leadership.”

 Netanyahu said he “looked forward to continuing to work with the president to address the great challenges facing the United States and Israel and to advance peace and security in our region,” according to a statement.

In a speech earlier in the day, Netanyahu responded to critics complaining of Bibi’s pro-Romney stance, saying they “were trying to cause conflict between us and the United States.”

“They won’t get away with it,” he said, in remarks that appeared to be aimed mostly at Ehud Olmert, the former prime minister who is considering challenging Netanyahu in the upcoming election.

“The alliance with the United States is firm,” Netanyahu said.

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  • garylaing92

    advance peace in region dont he mean to advance the pro war agenda in region

  • garylaing92

    down with obama and Netanyahu

    • jinx77

      you would rather have had romney…who would have made even a worst mess

      all for israel of course

      • Jaime

        Did he say so? The fact that he disapproves of Obama doesn't mean that he approves of Romney, right? Maybe he would have preferred Ron Paul. I think Obama and Romney are equally bad. One is a murderer while the other is a potential murderer supported by real murderers. Cancer versus AIDS. Which do I prefer? Isn't it the same shit?

        • garylaing92

          i dont like either

  • Canadian

    “The alliance with the United States is firm,” Netanyahu said.

    There is no israel-US "alliance", although everyone keeps saying that there is.

    The relationship is parasitic and harmful to USAmericans and the rest of the world.

    It's time for a divorce.

  • jinx77

    I know my hopes will fade fast for Obama and the cold shoulder he should give nutty

    he has too many of the tribe in his admin….that readily work for israel

  • Ike_Hall

    My God. Every time Bibi opens his mouth, it reminds me of the aliens in "Mars Attacks!"

    "Come back! we are your friends!"

  • paulBass

    the fact that obama took the call is all the information i need to see where the next four years are headed