Barak: Israel Won’t Rely on Allies to Attack Iran

Barak: Israel Won’t Rely on Allies to Attack Iran | ‘No mercy for the weak’ in Mideast, Israel DM insists

Speaking at a conference in London, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak insisted his nation would never rely on “even our closest, most trusted allies” on the question of whether or not to attack Iran.

“We live in a tough neighborhood, one in which there is no mercy for the weak,” Barak added,  going on to discuss the possibility of Israel also attacking Syria because of “the warm ties between Hezbollah and Syria.”

Barak’s comments reflect the current government’s repeatedly stated position that it will decide when it wants to attack Iran unilaterally. The comments are likely more about improving Barak’s own election prospects among hawkish voters than anything else.

That’s because having split with the Labor Party, which is now polling as the number two party, Barak’s own Independence Party is struggling to get even a single seat, and he may well wind up outside politics entirely.

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  • Bill Lee

    Prove how independent you are, zio. Attack. I dare you.

  • rosemerry

    No mercy for the weak, once we ensure they are weak by denying weapons, but also food and other needs, is the motto of the "democratic jewish state of israel".

  • Yonatan

    Allies? Israel has only bought accomplices, some of whom are very pissed off.

  • tom dee

    Well if the IDF feel so strong on this thenI wish them well. I hope they will remember the licking they got in the lebanon when they attacked a small group. I mention this because in 1973 the USA had to come and save Israel from an attack which was the result of the replacement of 104 jets out of 104 jets. Israel has a very short history and most military success has been long planned sneak attacks. Iran has been preparing 39 years for the attack by Israel.

  • pendulum

    bark won't quit baraking

  • Diablo

    …but they expect their allies to come to the rescue and to clean up their mess. Such a disgusting country.

  • Eileen Kuch

    Bark won't quit Baraking, ha! ha! ha! Great comment!

    The fact is, both Ehud Barak and Benjamin Netanyahu do expect their clients to come to the rescue and clean up their mess. However, their military couldn't even handle Hezbollah, a MILITIA, back in 2006; so, how on Earth do they think they can handle a NATION of around 75 MILLION people and a strong military armed with mighty sophisticated weaponry?

    Iran has enough sophisticated missiles that can reach Israel's Dimona nuclear weapons facility, located deep in the Negev Desert, turning the Zionist entity into nothing more than a glass parking lot, from the resultant explosion of the arsenal within. Only psychopaths would even consider risking such retaliation from a nation that has NOT attacked its neighbors in around five CENTURIES.

  • thedissenter

    Promises, promises…