Sen. Graham Blasts Reports of US-Iran Talks

'Time for Talking Is Over'

Hawkish Sen. Lindsey Graham (R – SC) publicly blasted the reports of possible US-Iran negotiations during a television appearance Sunday, insisting that the “time for talking is over” and that any negotiations were unacceptable.

Terming the policy of continuing to impose ever more sanctions on Iran “a miserable failure,” Graham insisted that the US should stop negotiating and start demanding “access to their nuclear program.”

“We need to have red lines coordinated with Israel,” Graham said, reflecting similar condemnations of the notion of negotiation from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who termed attacking Iran the “diplomatic way to halt the nuclear program.”

Whether such talks are even going to happen remains to be seen, as initial reports of a “secret agreement” to hold such talks after the US election have been denied by both US and Iranian officials, though it sounds like the talks remain at least a possibility and neither denied that negotiations to that effect were ongoing, just insisting a deal had yet to be reached.

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