State Dept: Russia ‘Morally Bankrupt’ for Syrian Plane Shipment

'No Doubt This Was Serious Military Equipment,' Claims US

The Turkish military’s capture of a Syria civilian aircraft and claim that “objectionable materials” from Russia were on board has sparked an angry condemnation by the US State Department, which declared Russia “morally bankrupt” for the shipment.

State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland insisted that the US has “no doubt that this was serious military equipment.” This is in spite of the Turkish government providing zero details of their own about the shipment.

And perhaps more confusingly, the Russian government has been the most upfront about what was taken of anyone, confirming that there was electronic equipment related to radar systems on board the plane. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has noted that such equipment is not banned from being on civilian planes by any international convention.

The US has been keen to lash out at Russia for not approving UN-backed operations against Syria in relation to their ongoing civil war, and Nuland conceded that Russia didn’t appear to have done anything illegal, but insisted that it was still unacceptable.

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  • skulz fontaine

    Ms. Vicky declares "Russia morally bankrupt?" What unholy and toxic koolaid has Ms. Vicky been sucking up of late? Silly freaking hag then concedes that "Russia didn't appear to have done anything illegal, BUT insisted that it (whatever in hell that may in fact be) was still unacceptable."
    Oh m'dear Ms. Vicky? You dear child, are unacceptable. In your glaring hypocrisy, in your hubristic ignorance, and your utter galling and inane blather.
    Please Ms. Vicky, STFU and sit your saggy ass down. You are an embarrassment.

    • Popsiq

      She wasn't 'under fire' with Hilary, was she? Being 'under fire' like that gives one a moral perspective on things. Even if it is in your imagination.

  • MoT

    Morally bankrupt? That's rich!

  • Yonatan

    Israeli-firster Nuland states Russia is morally bankrupt! Geez, these traitors have no self-awareness.

  • Popsiq

    "Morally bankrupt?" This from the friendly CIA and State Department folks running a not-so secret covert support operations for Syrian rebels in Turkey?

  • Doug_in_Indiana

    How dreary that America must listen to the official pronouncements of such a creature. It is tiresome to hear her and her employer judge the morality of foreigners who are, if little different, at least a bit better behaved since their downfall. Please be quiet Miss Vicky and spare our sensibilities. Let's instead hear talk about your activities in the ME.

  • mojo

    This is not a Russian moral question anymore, if you want to know who doesn't have any social or political moral left to spend, look at US and EU wars for last 60 years, one was bout fascism the other is about US wanting to dominate the world, here at present time the EU and US support for terrorism, those whom were created by US, and those whom are supported by EU is presenting the moral of a systematic immoral system by US and EU. Here you can be named Angel or Angela Markell, but that doesn't mean that are or doing a job as a Angel, here you can be a follower and believe in something but doesn't mean that you have moral. So goes for the European tyrants, the Saudis and those who think that are here because they spend their morals for the good of humankind.

  • Boston Joe

    Her statements are simply the usual US propaganda smears/lies to justify attacks against .Syria and any other country that happens to be a target.

    Like most propaganda the public will remember only the headline.

  • David

    Murder Inc./Uncle Sam has no moral clarity, or even a credible voice regarding world affairs anymore. The US is now the biggest instigator of terror on the planet. Let's hope that Russia begins become more forceful, and forbid the likes of Turkey, NATO, and the US any hand at destroying Syria..which they will do if they can. Turkey has proven that it is two-faced, and will pay for its highjacking of the Syrian passenger plane.

  • nomange

    U.S. State Department morally bankrupt for its role for spreading false narrative in propaganda war; Defense Department and CIA morally bankrupt in initiating, supplying and facilitating this war; Congress morally bankrupt for urging this on the Administration; Obama morally bankrupt for approving all of this (the buck has to stop somewhere);

    Economy bankrupt? Why?

  • LOL! More hubris of empire.

  • Pot, meet kettle.

  • Jaime

    What is more morally bankrupt than being morally bankrupt and throw this epithet to others to continue being morally bankrupt?

  • Frank

    Russia and China don’t wage endless wars against every Country on Earth unlike the US and European apparatus NATO