US Military Planners Sent to Jordan With Eye on Syrian War

150-Man Task Force Discusses Invasion to Establish 'Buffer Zone'

In another sign that the Obama Administration may be moving closer to intervention in Syria, it is revealed that the Pentagon has secretly deployed a “task force” of around 150 military planners, including an unnamed “senior” officer, to Jordan.

The force has been deployed to a military training center on the outskirts of Amman, and is already discussing the possibility of an invasion of the border region of Syria to establish a “buffer zone.”

The prospect of “humanitarian corridors” or other buffer zones has been raised several times, usually with the assumption it would be around Turkey. Today’s news suggests there could be one in the southeast as well, with Jordanian troops serving as the US proxy.

Pentagon officials declined comment on the exact state of the mission, but the deployment points to a more serious involvement than has yet been admitted to by administration officials, who insist they oppose foreign intervention at the moment.

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Author: Jason Ditz

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