Libyan National Congress Ousts New Prime Minister

Abushagur Fails to Form Government

After Libyan Prime Minister Mustafa Abushagur named a cabinet which entirely cut out the pro-NATO bloc, his days were numbered. Just days later, the Libyan parliament has passed a vote of no confidence, forcing him from office.

Abushagur was only prime minister for a few weeks, having been elected on Sept 12 and finally proposing his cabinet last week. Faced with protests, he was given 72 hours to name a new cabinet, and when that failed the vote of no confidence was held.

His ouster means the Libyan National Congress will have to find a new prime ministerial candidate, who will likewise struggle to satisfy the independent-heavy parliament with a broad cabinet.

There are no indications so far who the next candidate will be, but the pro-NATO bloc the National Forces Alliance is said to be in contact with the Muslim Brotherhood on a mutually acceptable candidate.

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