US Warns Israel: Attacking Iran May Ruin Treaties With Egypt, Jordan

Public Backlash Against War Could Force Regimes to Scrap Israel Deals

According to reports in the print version of Israel’s Yediot Achronot, the Obama Administration has recently warned Israel that an attack against Iran could mean an end to their existing peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan.

The officials warned that a unilateral Israeli attack “is just what the Iranians need,” and that it would cause a huge public backlash against Israel across the Muslim world, forcing the nations scrap their deals to placate protesters.

“What happened with the film against Mohammed is just a preview of what will happen in case of an Israeli strike,” one of the officials said, lamenting “today the Arab leaders do not control their peoples, the streets control the leaders.”

Israeli officials have repeatedly threatened to attack Iran, with some speculation it might happen before the US election in November. It has been suggested by some officials that a US attack might come at some point after the election, which seems to be an option Israel prefers to starting the war themselves.

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