Two US Marines Killed, Several Wounded in South Afghanistan Attack

Prince Harry Was at Base During Morning Attack in Helmand

An early Saturday morning attack in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province targeted the Camp Bastion/Camp Leatherneck base, killing two US Marines and wounding an as-yet-unknown number of other NATO troops.

Officials described the strike as a “sustained attack” on the base with attackers surrounding the base and using both small arms and rocket-propelled grenades against it. Officials say that the attackers breached the outer perimeter of the base.

Who carried out the attack and to what end are both unclear, but British officials say that Prince Harry, who has just recently returned to Afghanistan, was at the base at the time. He was not near the fighting, officials added.

Attacks in the Helmand Province are nothing unusual but an attack at the combined US/British base is, as it is one of the most heavily guarded installations in Afghanistan as well as one of the world’s busiest airports.

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