Israeli Opposition Leader Accuses Netanyahu of ‘Meddling’ in US Vote

Israeli Opposition Leader Accuses Netanyahu of ‘Meddling’ in US Vote | Risks alienating Obama Administration, Mofaz warns

Israeli Opposition Leader Shaul Mofaz today blasted Prime Minister Benjamin Netaynahu, accusing him of “meddling” directly in the upcoming US presidential election, warning that he risks turning the US into an enemy.

“Who do you fear more – Ahmadinejad or Obama,” asked Mofaz, accusing Netanyahu of being more interested in “overthrowing” Obama than Tehran and asking him to define his “red lines” with respect to US relations.

Mofaz was, of course, mocking Netanyahu for his recent “demands” to the US to set red lines on Iran’s civilian nuclear program, and went on to warn that he might “sacrifice our relations with the United States on the altar of Iran’s nuclear program.”

Obama’s opponent in the November election, Mitt Romney, has made much of his “friendship” with Netanyahu and has pushed the idea that he would be much more amenable to the far-right Israeli government’s policies than Obama is. At the same time, the extent the US race is becoming “about Israel” is also the extent to which the Obama Administration may have a grudge to bear after the vote.

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  • tadzio

    On Romney and his friend Bibi. The American President takes an oath to protect the United States. He should have no friends. He has a dog. In the White House that is all one is allowed.

  • Mike

    Israel does infuence Americas elections on purpose witch is not unusual for scum like Bibbi.I would like to see a president tell people in Israel like Bibbi to beat it.I bet a president with corage to stand up against the tiny lap dog begging for $$$ from the American tax payer would win an election.All smart Americas at least the ones that are not brainwashed can't stand Bibbi and other like him in Israel,many to the point of hateing them.

  • Johnny_Warbucks

    LOL! Even the Zionists are decrying the sell out of the US to Isreal.