US Units Building ‘Safe Rooms’ to Avoid Attacks From Afghan Forces

US Units Building ‘Safe Rooms’ to Avoid Attacks From Afghan Forces | Troops openly planning for ‘another Quran burning incident’

The NATO occupation of Afghanistan continues to get more complicated, and US troops facing the growing possibility of “green-on-blue” attacks are now building fortified safe rooms to hide in just in case such attacks break out on Afghan bases they happen to be on.

Army Command Sgt. Maj. William Johnson openly confirmed the safe rooms, saying that it was important to plan for “another Quran burning incident” and for US troops to have places to hide in case violence breaks out on a massive scale against them.

“It’s something that we’ve always thought about,” Johnson added. 12 US troops have been killed this month alone in “green-on-blue” attacks, and once rare occurrences are now becoming a several time a week reality.

Interestingly, the troops are calling these safe rooms “Alamos,” named after the Alamo Mission in Texas, which during the Texas Revolution was sieged by Mexican forces. As soldiers like Johnson talk about Alamoing “until reinforcements arrive” it is noteworthy that the Alamo was a huge military defeat for the Texas forces, and that virtually everyone within was killed.

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  • Walter Col

    I wonder what percentage of those who hate us in the Afghanistan ranks actually take part in green-on-blue attacks? It looks more and more like that could be a very big portion of Afghan military, but we can be certain that their numbers are growing and growing. Those safe rooms will have to get bigger and bigger as the occupiers create more and more hatred in the country. If the day came when the Taliban had most of their police and military on their side, then even safe rooms wouldn´t be safe because there´d be nobody left to rescue them.

    What is happening every day, is our leaders are demonstrating to the world that here is another small, backward, and poor nation that it can´t handle. Our leadership, especially DOD, continuously demonstrates to the world its capacity at what can only be described as clownship.

  • joey

    Just like the "Green Zone" in Baghdad, but now a "green zone" within a "green zone". I wonder if they will call on Mayor Bloomberg and his police chief Ray Kelly to fine tune the new program. New Yorkers would love to see them gone, and they could duplicate Bernard Kerik's brilliant success in Iraq.

  • curmudgeonvt

    You have to hand it to the troops…they're well aware of the status of things and are not usually beguiled by the BS put out by the pols and lickspittles up-range.

  • TooTrue

    The upcoming increase in troops before the withdrawal date should be called "Custer's Last Surge".

  • Johnny_Warbucks

    Wouldn't it be easier to just get the f*ck out? Oh, no, never mind. That would be too easy. They now have to build a separation wall between them and the restless natives. Just like their brethren in that other illegal project known as Isreal.

  • Klyde

    That is the funniest/saddest news story I've read all week. The idea of US troops having to hide in safe rooms to protect themselves from their supposed allies; it boggles the mind. But then everything about US foriegn policy confuses me these days.