US Drones Pound North Waziristan, Killing 18

US Drones Pound North Waziristan, Killing 18 | Anti-Chinese militant reported slain in flurry of strikes

Just one day after the Pakistani government summoned a top US diplomat to formally protest the ongoing drone strikes against North Waziristan Agency, the Obama Administration has launched three more strikes, killing 18 others.

The strikes all targeted the Shawal Valley, destroying a house and two vehicles. One of the strikes apparently targeted members of the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM), a separatist faction looking to turn China’s Xinjiang Province into an independent nation.

The strike against ETIM reportedly killed Emeti Yakuf, one of the group’s leaders. Yakuf was wanted in China on charges of leaving the country illegally and was also accused of plotting to bomb the 2008 Olympics.

One of the other strikes killed two unnamed “leaders” in the Tehreek-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP), while the third strike’s victims are entirely unknown, but as is the custom they have all been labeled “suspects.”

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  • Dentinimous

    Map must have been made by an American geography student. The red area is no where near Waziristan.

    Was just over looking at the trivia that CNN calls news. This killing of 18 human beings of course wasn't highlighted at all on their front page.

    • Sid

      What the heck is up with the map?

      Probably done the likes of people seen on TV who are asked to place the pin where Iraq is on the map, and they pin Australia.

  • Killing other humans is America's crowning achievement yet it talks incessantly about standing for human rights and freedoms. Its claims are wearing a bit thin.

    Seems it intends to go on killing millions. It has banished the word PEACE from its lexicon. Its little mate, Israel, is readying itself to attack Iran. America will join in the killing frenzy of course.

    The smell of blood does strange things to some races.

    • Sid

      Some would say America is a country addicted war and spilling the blood of others. After all wasn't this country built on the blood and tears of the natives?

  • mlnw

    Unbelievable! After the breakup of the Soviet Union, each of the Turkic peoples in the area established independent republics from the remains of the former Soviet republics, except for the Uighurs who ere left without an independent state of their own. The ETIM was one of the Uighur groups funded and aided by the U.S. in the 1990's through its proxy Turkey, in order to create disruption in Xinxiang. This was coordinated in part through an umbrella organization in Istanbul. This is not to say that China had not ruled Xinxiang with an iron hand or that the Uighurs were not seeking politically autonomy on their own apart from the West, but the U.S involvement to destabilize the province was also part of the agenda. This continued up until 9/11 and the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan when the Chinese government and the Bush Administration cut a deal with the Chinese to place the ETIM on the terrorist list. Approximately 20 Uighurs captured at that time were sent to Guantanamo. Their inconsistent treatment, especially for those not found to have been a threat, was reflective of the political lunacy and perverse "justice" of the Administration's Guananamo detainment policy. Now they are being killed again. What is going on in the deranged minds of our policy makers? Why can we not just stop and leave all of these people alone?