As Threats Grow, Russia Claims ‘Guarantees’ Over Syrian Chemical Weapons

Sen. Lugar Urges Russia to Join in Seizing Syria's Arms

Reiterating President Obama’s threats earlier this week, British Prime Minister David Cameron has agreed that NATO would use any attempt to use chemical weapons as an excuse to invade. France is said to be taking a similar position and is also calling for a “partial no-fly zone.”

The threats are based on the assumption of the Assad regime using the weapons against rebel fighters, despite them explicitly saying weeks ago that they weren’t considering this, and that the chemical arsenal was entirely to protect against outside attack. Ironically, that comment was also taken as a threat to use chemical weapons against nations that might attack Syria (including Israel) and condemned as well.

Sen. Richard Lugar (R – IN) is pushing for Russia to join in an attack on Syria, suggesting that the US and Russia could “team up” to seize all of Syria’s chemical weapons. Since Russia and Syria are allies, this seems virtually out of the question.

And indeed, Russia pointed out today that they have been working with Syria to ensure that the chemical weapons are protected and don’t end up getting looted. Russian diplomats say they have guarantees from Syria that the arsenal won’t be touched during the civil war.

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