Sweden Won’t Promise Not to Send Assange to US

Says WikiLeaks Founder Should Seek Promise From US

Swedish officials, who have in the past termed Julian Assange “public enemy number one” even though he isn’t actually charged with a single crime, have condemned Ecuador for granting him asylum, saying Sweden is a nation of “rule of law” and that it was an insult to keep him from being extradited there.

At the same time, Swedish officials made it clear exactly why the asylum happened in the first place, declining to give any guarantee that it wouldn’t simply ship him to the United States after he was acquired and saying Assange should try to get guarantees from the US if he’s worried about it.

Assange’s lawyers say he has no problem being sent to Sweden for questioning, but didn’t want it to be used as an excuse to capture him and turn him over to the US, where officials have called him a “terrorist” and members of Congress have called for his summary execution.

The Obama Administration has refused to confirm or deny plans to seek Assange’s capture. The State Department has condemned Ecuador for granting Assange asylum, however, and also expressed anger at Ecuador’s call for an emergency OAS meeting after Britain’s Foreign Ministry threatened to invade their embassy, saying that the OAS agenda should focus on “democracy” and not attacks on embassies.

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Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.

  • JLS

    That tells you that Assange's fears are completely justified.

    Sweden is setting the bar awful high for pathetic cowardly turning over of their national sovereignty and independence. Britain kind of had been the biggest cringing obedient little colony of Washington's empire but Sweden is going to pass them up.

  • MoT

    "…saying that the OAS agenda should focus on “democracy” and not attacks on embassies" Well isn't that convenient and oh so typically hypocritical of the State Department.

  • Bill Lee

    Chicken Swedes sucking US masters.

  • mojo

    Look: back in time when CIA had few secret prisons in Europe, in Poland, the one we know about now, the Swedish government consisted of Social Democrats, they approved and cooperated with CIA in capturing few nationals whom CIA were interested of, everyone of these man was tortured for a year or so then given to their native country where in terms they were also tortured, these man went through hell before they were found not being the one CIA were looking for, a terrorists.

    Now the government of Sweden is a Neo Liberal fascist as David Cameron of England or for that matter the France Social Democrat Holland or before him Sarkozi the French Liberal Mafia was. These government have a better relation with US then ever before, Sweden for the first time in decades participated in a NATO Libya war but they never confronted Hitler in WWII, they just let him to come in and cooperated with Nazism of Germany for a long time.

    Julian Assange is already prosecuted and hanged by some people from FOX News to CNN and even some senators publicly announced what they are going to do with him when his in hand of US justice system, which means that Mr. Assange already have a prison cell under his name somewhere in this world and will be mistreated as Manning and others, there are many US political prisoners in prison not so many people know about nor the media wants to admit nor the government will admit to this fact.

    Is one thing to be a militarism regime yet calling it democracy, meanwhile wanting to silence those who telling the truth about a falsified and bankrupt democracy or liberalism for that matter. Thats the politics of a falsified democracy and a Neo Liberal fascist.

  • R.C.

    ……..As if the US really gives a shi* about "Democracy."

    • mojo

      You mean to say.., as if US democratic government gives a shi* about democracy.

  • The actions of the U.S. concerning Assange and Israel show clearly that it already thinks it controls the world.

    When the Israeli nukes begin to fall, what will the U.S. do? Launch nuclear-armed missiles and war planes from its many ships, submarines and military bases which are scattered all over the Middle East.

    The U.S. is using Israel as a proxy. The U.S. doesn't want Israel's military advantage to be lost. With a dependent Israel, the U.S. can easily control all the other nations in the region and all that oil.

    But what will Russia and China do? They know what the U.S. is up to. Blind Freddie can see it.

    Kiss your children each night!

  • John Ellis

    Illusions of good hiding an evil intent, this is the smokescreen that enables Empire USA to by brutal imperialism plunder the world. And this is why WikiLeaks is such an earth shaking affair for the imperial nations of Sweden, England and USA.

  • dublinokarra

    Last winter i got refused A U.S visa for wanting to permanently close a bank account i've owned since 2000. Now i'm working with one Swedish prostitute who'll accuse me of molestation in the coming weeks, in the hope that Sweden will ask for my extradition from South Africa and duly deliver me in the U.S. Wish me luck!

    • Sid

      I think your plan is a bit of a long-shot mate.

      Maybe a better plan to get extradited to the U.S. would be to grow a beard, join some Islamic militant forum and start posting stuff about pipe-bombing the U.S. embassy. You should expect results in a matter of days with the CIA on your doorsteps.

      Mind you though, you're destination could possibly be Guantanamo Bay (considered part of U.S.).

      Mission accomplished?

  • jsinton

    Sweden is completely neutral country. All the hype of extradition is unfounded. Why not just extradite him from GB instead? They usually comply?

  • R.C.

    I liked the days, not too long, when the US Department dismissed their interest in Assange as a "conspiracy theory." (A term no longer attributed to crackpot notions such as the moon hoax or black helicopters, but now used to sabotage legimitate political discourse).

  • pendulum

    what does US have to do with a rape accusation in Sweden?????