Assange Urges US to End ‘War on Whistleblowers’

High-Profile Speech Given From Ecuador Embassy Balcony

Hundreds of supporters gathered around the Ecuadorean Embassy in central London today to hear a high-profile speech from WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who has been granted asylum within the embassy, much to the chagrin of British officials.

Speaking from the balcony, Assange thanked Ecuador and his supporters, while urging the United States to stop persecuting WikiLeaks and end its “war on whistleblowers.”

Assange also accused British police of having actually raided the embassy on Wednesday night, claiming he could hear them in the internal fire escape, but credited his supports with keeping an eye on the embassy to prevent them actually carrying out threats to arrest him in violation of the Vienna Convention.

Assange’s speech was about 10 minutes long, and he had to be careful of the content because the official conditions of his asylum prohibit him from making any political speeches while in the embassy. Assange warned that there was “unity among oppressors” in trying to silence whistleblowers and urged his supporters to by just as united against them.

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  • RParker

    If British cops attempt to enter the embassy again to arrest Mr. Assange, the Ecuadoreans should arrest the British cops for violation of the Vienna Convention.

  • Mikem

    Assange exposed American terrorists ,murderers and war criminals .They are the ones who need to Face justice . Assange is a hero to all those who oppose the American terrorists and warmonger criminals. You can choose who to support

  • Humayun Sheikh

    Bravo Mr. Assange, keep serving humanity. All the honourable people of conscious who love serving humanity in the whole world, with best wishes and for your long life are your supporters. Only the criminal terrorist mentality ones are against you. May GOD bless you and your associates & supporters. Thanks, again for your service to humanity.

  • curmudgeonvt

    I believe that what Wikileaks and Assange are/were doing is right and just….But, surely Julian knows by now that he is a prisoner and will never again be free. If he should somehow get out of the embassy and make it out of the UK he will always be looking over his shoulder…assuming the US doesn't come for him as soon as his location is known…and I don't thin it will be a "snatch" operation.

  • jsinton

    Self aggrandizing fool. Can't punish him enough. Put thousands of lives at risk over personal vanity.

    • jsintonII

      Self proclaimed idiot, you are. This man haven’t done anything wrong he just exposed people like you who have no respects for human lives nor the truth of the matters. “put thousands of life at risk”, you are an idiot, so that thousands can continue with murdering millions just because your governments wants to do the killing becoming more and showing more of its fascist nature as you.., you are an idiots.

    • jeff_davis

      You're just jealous that he's a hero and famous and has beautiful babes the world over throwing themselves at him — granted, there appears to be something of a downside to that — and that you're a pasty white nobody whose carnal activities are restricted to your left hand.

      When you go to sleep at night, you pray to die and wake up as Julian Assange's penis.