Pakistan: Little Progress Seen as ISI, CIA Chiefs Meet

US 'Displeased' That Pakistan Made Demands Public

The first day of negotiations between CIA chief David Petraeus and his Pakistani counterpart, ISI chief Lt. Gen. Zaheer-ul Islam has gotten off to a rough start, as those familiar with the situation claim little has been accomplished.

The talks had been previewed by a number of Pakistani officials leading up to the official visit to DC, with promises to push for an end to US drone strikes against Pakistani territory and calls for better information sharing to be the centerpieces of the visit.

This preview apparently didn’t sit well with US officials, who were reportedly “displeased” with the public airing of grievances and seem to have come into the talks with a chip on their shoulder, ruling out giving in on either front.

Despite the lack of any concrete results from the negotiations, US officials claimed the meeting was “productive.” This is likely why they were so irked at making the demands public, as it will be readily apparently that they have not met any of them and the claims of “productivity” will have to be tested.

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