Senators Press Obama to ‘Blacklist’ More Iranians

Say US Should Follow EU Lead, Blacklist More

The latest in a long line of what are now nearly monthly letters by the three, Sens. Ron Kirk (R – IL), Jon Kyl (R – AZ) and Joe Lieberman (I – CT) have penned another demand for the Obama Administration to increase sanctions against Iran, this time focusing on blacklisting top Iranian officials.

The new letter complains that the US is only blacklisting 12 Iranians at the moment, while the European Union is blacklisting 77. It goes on to demand that the other 65 be immediately added to the list to “take a harder line on Iran.”

Of course such new sanctions are likely inevitable, as the Obama Administration imposes a new round of sanctions on something or other every couple of weeks, most recently targeting companies which they suspected of being involved in “deceptive efforts” by Iran to engage in international commerce.

The recent threats against Iran have had an impact on crude oil prices, with the NYMEX trading up several percent again today, meaning all told, a 10 percent rise in prices over the past seven trading days.

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