Syria Rebels Vow to Capture Chemical Weapons

Free Syria Army Prepares to Seize WMDs, Conquer Country

In an interview with Israel’s Haaretz newspaper, an unnamed top Free Syrian Army (FSA) official announced that his rebel faction has plans in place to capture the Syrian military’s chemical weapons stockpiles.

The FSA official said that seizing the chemical weapons was one of the “top priorities” of the rebels, and that “we know the location of the chemical weapon stores.” He insisted taking them was vital to prevent them falling into “terrorist” hands.

Which of course raises new questions of its own, since more than a few suicide bombings have been carried out in the past few weeks in the name of the rebel movement. The FSA has claimed that the regime has secretly recruited al-Qaeda to attack their own buildings as part of some convoluted campaign to engender sympathy.

Elsewhere in the interview, the FSA official said that his faction is working on drafting a new constitution and planning for its eventual conquest of the country, saying that they are determined to restore “security” after toppling the regime.

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