Iran, IAEA Broker Nuclear Deal as Israel Calls It ‘Deception’

A deal has been reached between Iran and the IAEA on further probing and inspections of Iran’s nuclear program, after the nuclear watchdog’s chief spent Monday negotiating in Tehran.

IAEA chief Yukiya Amano said after talks with chief Iranian nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili, “the decision was made… to reach agreement” on the mechanics of giving the IAEA additional access to the sites – including the Parchin military site – and documents it seeks to restart its probe, Amano told reporters at Vienna airport on Tuesday.

Amano said differences existed on “some details,” without elaborating but added that Jalili had assured him that these “will not be an obstacle to reach agreement.” He spoke of “an almost clean text” that will be signed “quite soon,” although he could not say when specifically.

The diplomatic breakthrough comes just one day before negotiations between six world powers and Iran take place in Baghdad. The Obama administration has yet to comment on the impending nuclear deal, but the President has in recent days employed rhetoric that is clearly constructed to seem tough against his Republican contender for the 2012 campaign

Iran’s “ inability thus far to convince the world community that it is not pursuing the weaponization of nuclear power is of grave concern to all of us,” Obama said in a joint statement released after meeting with the Group of Eight at Camp David.

But Obama knows better, and is himself convinced, along with his entire administration and the whole of the intelligence community, that Iran is not developing nuclear weapons.

Obama’s bluster may also be catering to Israel, whose defense minister angrily condemned the nuclear deal brokered by Jalili and Amano. Defense Minister Ehud Barak said the Iranians are trying to create a “deception of progress” to avoid pressure ahead of the P5+1 talks this week.

The Israelis have been leading an effort to shift the demand from preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons to prohibiting Iran from developing any nuclear energy at all for peaceful purposes. They, and other hawks in the U.S., succumbed to the evidence that Iran has demonstrated no nuclear weapons ambitions, so are focusing instead on what Iran is doing, namely developing peaceful nuclear energy as is their right.

The Israeli condemnation of the increased international inspections of Iran’s peaceful nuclear program is an indication that Israel is not interested in the true nature of Iran’s nuclear program, only in advocating for unprovoked war and distracting the world from its policies of expansion and expulsion in the Palestinian territories.

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  • patriothere

    Remember when the Iranians made a deal with the IAEA and the turks and the brazilians? Only to result in more sanctions by the UN and US? Same thing is happening now. THey made a deal, but it will only lead to more sanctions and more bellicose threats and more war propaganda. Propaganda is the cause of war and the people who control the propaganda are israeli firsters. Even though the zionist regime is finished, they still pretend like it is alive and well. It's finished.

    • Ben_C

      Nah…"propaganda" is not the "cause" of war; rather, it is tool. The "cause" is the will of the decision makers–the same people who are often the primary source of the "propaganda" in the first place (who are not necessarily "Israeli firsters"). The ultimate decision maker (i.e. the "decider"), when it comes to US foreign policy, in the US is President Barack Obama. I'm not sure I would classify Mr. Obama as an "Israeli firster"; rather, I would classify Mr. Obama more accurately as an: "Obama firster". The two ("Israeli firster" and "Obama firster") are not one in the same by any stretch of the imagination.

      It's true that Obama has gotten "us" (the US) into a situation now where the decision to bomb Iran is not even a decision the "US" (i.e. Obama at present) even has full control over, but this is Obama's fault…it's not "Israel's" fault, or even the fault of the "Israeli firsters". After all, if the "Israeli firsters" had their way, Iran's "nuclear program" would be in rubble already.

      Keep in mind: public/popular opinion isn't even required to initiate "war", so obsessing over the propaganda itself would be as absurd as blaming Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity for our foreign policy. These people think what they are told to think. They are really of no consequence in the end. This also holds true for many (although not all) of the so called "Israeli firsters". For example: if these people are told Iran it the "great Satan", then Iran is the "Great Satan"…if, however, they are 'told' tomorrow Iran is all of a sudden our closest ally, then Iran will be benevolent nation and friend to all–including Israel. This is how it works.

      That aside, even if Israel didn't exist, there would be people in the US who would want to bomb Iran. I think it's important to keep this in mind. Concentration of power, especially when it's unchecked or unrivaled, will always end badly over time…this has proven true time and time again throughout history.

      • John_Muhammad

        "" That aside, even if Israel didn't exist, there would be people in the US who would want to bomb Iran. ""

        These are probably the very same people who have no clue that Iran had a history prior to 1979, or what led up to the events of '79.

        • Ben_C

          "These are probably the very same people who have no clue that Iran had a history prior to 1979, or what led up to the events of '79.

          Some do, some don't… I don't really see the "history" here all that relevant to begin with. That aside, if "history" were something to consider, it's also important to recognize Israel and the Islamic regime in Iran did, in fact, have "good" 'unofficial' "relations" until "Israel" turned on Iran and backed Saddam during the Iran/Iraq war.

          But, like I said, I consider all of this "history" now as somewhat irrelevant–and I'm sure the people who want to bomb Iran, for the most part, don't care about it either. It doesn't change the fundamentals now.

          US/Israel/Iran "ties" during the Iran/Iraq war is a good example of how what is 'officially' "said" usually means nothing, and can be categorically discounted for the most part.

          But that's not the main point from my perspective…

          Theoretically: "states" have "interests"…but what are "states" more than the "governments/regimes" that run/rule them?

          "Governments/regimes" theoretically have "interests"…but what are "Governments/regimes" more than the "individuals" who run/rule them?

          "Individuals" have "interests"…this is where the 'real' "power" lies…and no two individuals have identical interests…even in the case of a husband and wife–"interests" are not identical. Taking this further: even in the case of a parent and child–"interests" aren't identical. Even on a similar line: a relationship between a pet owner and the pet (cat/dog/goldfish even) "interests" are not identical… Additionally, in the "relationships" mentioned here, I'm talking about "relationships" where "love" is involved and is a factor. This ("love") is not necessarily a "factor" (and more accurately can be assumed not to exist at all) when it comes to the 'relationship' between individuals who actually "rule" the "government"/"state" and the "individuals" who are 'citizens'.

          • John_Muhammad

            My comment was with regard to those whose only concept of Iran is 'they attacked our embassy and held a bunch of Americans hostage'- and they have no clue what led up to that event (which, for many, happened long before they were even born), and the only response they can form in their propaganda-addled head is 'payback'. A little reading on the West's involvement in the Middle East since, say, WW1 through the present as well as an explanation of the principle of 'cause and effect' might serve them well.

          • Ben_C

            Maybe…it may also be useful to realize people don't care about this–especially our "decision makers".

      • sherban

        "That aside, even if Israel didn't exist, there would be people in the US who would want to bomb Iran."This seems to be right:Israel ,as a deranged nation with people educated under a permanent fear,is used by American military complex as the only motive to keep the world in a permanent war,to keep huge military budget,to keep her demagogy ideology of supporting "the only democracy"in the region threatened by despotic countries.Israel lobby has a good ground on which he can find US understanding:US imagined feeling of perfection and the need to dominate the world and impose her regal way of life for all others.This feeling of superiority is deep in the majority of American people and this is the reason that the majo0rity support American imperialism.Israel too shares the sentiment of uniqueness and superiority and as such if she can despise every critique and sees her role naturally near US leading the world.

  • Wichi62

    Nexty step is to required Iran to surrender all their arms because otherwise they will face war….. and after all that stupid requirements…. war will be no matter what anyway….. (same story different country!)

  • El Tonno

    “deception of progress”

    Guess the Israeli know all about how one implements THAT.

  • Johnny_Warbucks

    Oh, the irony! Ney…the hypocrisy. If anything is a deception that would be the illegal entity known as Isreal. It's like mirage in the desert.

  • JJJihad

    Well of course Iran will let the IAEA into Parchin, now that the Iranians hosed the place down and got rid of all the evidence of its nuclear weapons program. Just ask Davey None-bright and his coatholders at "ISIS". Oh yes, and there's the NYT–and anthony cordesman, another guy with impeccable credibility.

  • Roger Lafontaine

    Deception is Israel's 'secret weapon'.

  • the lion

    It should be remembered that AFTER 1979, the Israelies, sold Phantom Parts, and Missiles and other armourments to Iran, it wasnt the Iran Contra affair, it was the Iran-Israeli-Contra affair. Even the Israelies Arguement that the Mullahs of Iran will sell Nuclear weapons to Hezbollah is a joke! There has only been ONE country to ever sell Nuclear Weapons, ISRAEL and they sold them to the South Africans.

    The leaders of Israel are a duplicitous bunch, change the distance to the goalposts halfway through the game, steal from thier enemies but worse still even their friends, Plutonium from the US, the plans for the Mirage III from the Swiss, Even attack their allies, USS Liberty.

    The fact is Israels Government cannot be trusted to tell the truth and they are being caught out on a frequent basis!

  • Mark

    Iran’s “ inability thus far to convince the world community that it is not pursuing the weaponization of nuclear power is of grave concern to all of us,” Obama said in a joint statement released after meeting with the Group of Eight at Camp David.

    In other words, prove a negative or be shot. And this guy graduated from high school?…I want to see the diploma…and not some photoshopped version either…

  • Yonatan

    Deception? That's an infringement of the Zionist Business Model (TM) (PP). Outrageous!

  • Nathan

    Allow me to state one thing unequivocally: I will never believe people who have lied before, including the characters named in this article.