Syrian General Denies Report Rebels Assassinated Him

Rebels Targeting 'Pro-Regime Businessmen' in Ambushes

Syrian Major General Mohammad Ibrahim Shaar, reported killed earlier today by the Free Syrian Army (FSA), appeared on state-run television this afternoon to deny claims that he had been assassinated, accusing al-Jazeera and other channels of making up the story to make the government look bad.

Syrian state media also claimed that a number of other reported assassinations of top security officials were “baseless,” and Assistant Vice President General Hasan Turkmani denied being targeted in an attempt, saying that “my colleagues and I are safe.”

But while Maj. Gen. Shaar wasn’t killed, rebels are engaged in a growing policy of assassination, mostly centering around businessmen perceived to be “pro-regime,” and have been killing large numbers in ambushes around the nation.

Meanwhile, Syrian troops reportedly shelled the city of Souran, in Hama Province. The attack killed 34 people, and rebels insisted all of the slain were civilians. The Syrian government has yet to address the claim.

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