Yemen: 2,000 Killed Since Uprising Began

Ministry of Human Rights Says 22,000 Also Wounded

A new statement today from Yemen’s Ministry of Human Rights has put the overall death toll in the nationwide unrest of the past year at over 2,000. They also reported that some 22,000 people were wounded.

The figure is dramatically different from Amnesty International’s report earlier this year, which put the figure at 200 protesters. The ministry’s number also included military defectors, however.

Coming up with reliable figures in Yemen is next to impossible, as the unrest spanned a number of regions with a number of different causes. Large death tolls, like those in the nearly year-long battle over the Abyan Province, are likely not included.

The decision by the government to suddenly play up the death toll likely reflects the change in rulers, and efforts by new US-backed Major General Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi to distance himself from the old US-backed dictator after the single-candidate election.

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