Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood: Let Us Form Government

Urges Junta to Sack Appointed 'Interim' PM

With an eye towards replacing it, Muslim Brotherhood spokesman Mahmoud Ghozlan has urged the Egyptian military junta to sack the Ganzouri government it appointed in November, saying it had failed to cope with rising insecurity and the struggling economic situation.

Ghozlan says the junta should acknowledge the results of the parliamentary elections and appoint a representative of the Brotherhood-run Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) as prime minister, charged with forming a new government.

The FJP overwhelmingly won the parliamentary election, and would theoretically, in a parliamentary system, be charged with forming a government. The problem is Egypt isn’t necessarily a parliamentary system, and until the constitution is penned it isn’t really clear what the system actually is.

The junta has used the ambiguous form of Egypt’s system of government to justify keeping a tight grip on power. Even the parliamentary election, nominally to pick people to write the absent constitution, has been rejected by the junta as “non-representative.”

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