UN Right Chief ‘Shocked’ at Iraq’s Mass Executions

UN Right Chief ‘Shocked’ at Iraq’s Mass Executions | Maliki govt executed 34 people on one day

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay has issued a new statement blasting the Iraqi government for its widespread use of executions. The commissioner said it was particularly bad given the “major concerns about due process and fairness of trials.”

Pillay in particular singled out last Thursday, a single day on which the Maliki government executed 34 people. This is “a terrifying number of executions to take place on a single day,” he added.

The exact number of executions in Iraq aren’t clear, but Pillay’s statement said at least 63 had been confirmed executed since mid-November. This included the 34 on Thursday and 12 executed on November 24. The Iraqi Justice Ministry tends to issue statements only on days when a large number of executions take place, but it is not clear if this means none happened on other days.

48 crimes within Iraq are eligible for the death penalty, including “damage to public property.” Given the mass arrests of politicians in the past few weeks, many of them uncharged, the number of executions could rise going forward.

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Author: Jason Ditz

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  • OK, but they have democracy now and freedom!!!

    • good joke

    • Peter

      Hooray for the newly elected dictator!!

    • beeboltwu

      Of course they do with the help of uncle sam. They replaced a Sunni dictator with a Shia dictator who is a poppet of Iran. previously, Saddam executed men but now Al-Maliki now massacring Sunni population with orders directed from his masters in Iran.

  • Nathan

    UN has become a tool of bit powers.

  • Let the puppet government do, what you can not do.
    And than blame them for their services in order to withwash yourself.

    Clever as always.

    • sorry – I meant "whitewash" of course

  • death penalty, for “damage to public property.” ?

    If the US-Iraqi puppets do this it is democracy and law full.
    If it is done in Libya, it is mass murdering of peaceful civilians.

  • I am missing any information regarding "justification" of those killings.

  • freaklingplain

    damage to “public aka state” property, yet not the state would ever destroy its own articles or equipment in acts of fratracide, mob rules, who does such hypoCRITICAl draconean style remind, besides dear ole uncle sam the master creator of secratearrean horror vainly rationalised sadistically if not premedatated by puppet masters objectives or re-descension, pure evil even for an idiot tool such as malicous monkey fq malaki

  • mike

    So this is what "freedom" looks like?

    • Iraqis were a damn side better off under Saddam. I am sure Saddam's by western media grossly exaggerated crimes, pale in comparison with those of the present US imposed regime. Now they are planning to impose the same kind of 'democracy and freedom' on hte Iranians.
      New Zealand

  • Yet most Americans regard the Iraq occupation as a "success."

  • Finally this shows that they are well able to sucsessfully install fascism – in even very different countries.

    What do you think how easy it is for them to do this at home?

    I am sure, they will provide it in a way many will even not notcie it.