Report: US Likely to Resume Pakistan Drone Strikes Soon

Report: US Likely to Resume Pakistan Drone Strikes Soon | Attacks killed 609 in 2011, only three ‘commanders’

Reports coming out of the Express Tribune tonight say that the United States is close to finalizing a secret deal with the Zardari government which would allow them to resume drone strikes against Pakistan’s tribal areas, but under new conditions.

Under the deal, the US would resume the strikes but launch them less frequently, with officials saying that the frequency of the strikes was a big source of public opposition. The US halted all strikes after they attacked a Pakistani military base in November, killing 24 soldiers.

US officials have touted the strikes as a key part of their overall strategy, and a study today revealed that they launched 75 attacks in 2011, killing 609 people. The vast majority of the victims were never identified publicly, but only three were ever confirmed to be al-Qaeda “commanders.”

This was actually a considerable drop-off from the number of attacks and killings in previous years, a result of multiple halts related to the crumbling US-Pakistani relationship.

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  • JLS

    "The vast majority of the victims were never identified publicly, but only three were ever confirmed to be al-Qaeda “commanders.”

    Not beingsarcastic or anything but just wondering-confirmed by who?

    • persnipoles

      Nearest link: among them only three were Arab commanders of Al-Qaeda; one was UK’s most wanted and just four were senior commanders of different factions of Pakistani militants, says Conflict Monitoring Centre’s annual report on drone attacks. But I don't pretend to be answering the question.

  • MvGuy

    Zadari, selling his country's CHILDREN for empire's thirty pieces of silver……………….

  • Walter Cole

    609 people killed in Pakistan alone by drone attacks? That´s more people than DOD said was in Al Qaeda to begin with, it´s always been a couple hundred terrorists. So just who are we killing?

    • persnipoles

      The alpha males? (Half serious. Must be some purpose other than the one their behavior isn't serving?)

  • jorgespbr

    STUPID DUMB DRONES – keep doing this and the border will be never opened again to supply US/ISAF troops

  • the lion

    I just wonder what Senators Graham, Mc Cain and Sh#t for Brains would say if another countries Civilians flew an aircraft over the United States and killed 609 people, Oh we already know they would be called terrorists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the difference that tHE United States is doing the same!!!!!!!!!!!


  • James

    Pakistans government is going to continue to be an American puppet.Most people killed are everyday civilians.How is this legal anywere?

    • JLS

      To the US government, laws are for suckers and poor people.

    • MvGuy

      …………………. "everyday civilians"= the poor the powerless AND they are expendable, they are Muslims and the Hebrews and the oil companies have been telling US for YEARS, Decades…. Since Klimger on Mash and before….. THEY AREN'T REALLY HUMAN. they are not people.. !!!!! That is the message….. Now the non human slur has been grafted onto the backs of all Muslims, believe to a large extent due to 911….. and the incessant propaganda, hey THEY need US to SHOW them how to be civilized…. Good friggin Luck…. A MILLION dead in Iraq,……… Why, because
      the Israelis hated Saddam and the oil cabal wanted their oil….. Bingo… Now Libya.. Iran soon..??

      Pakistan is No, 2 on the NeoCon hit list… Muslims with Nukes…. Now there is a proposition that has the power to unite Christians and Hebrews…

      The good news in all this darkness is that the Neocons are now making noises about CHINA…… What is the problem with China, you may ask… Their problem with China is that China just doesn't seem to understand how special certain people and countries are to the Divine Creator…

      China takes things at face value….. It doesn't think of any particular people as being special or exceptional, with the possible exception of Chinese and China that is…and they do certainly not believe the MEGA bankrupt feckless empire bogged down in Afghanistan or it's No. 1 Welfare Client on a plot smaller than most Chinese Cities… to be special, or exceptional No…. Yeah, look how China swooped into Iraq and made off with the best oil booty… China just doesn't get it…… and the Neocons are out to knock China down a few notches, just so long as their patron can print or borrow a few trillion more for the project…. So stay tuned, because "If you give them enough rope they will hang themselves the international reality show is playin……. in a straits …..and it's on every channel…!!

  • Giving the U.S. the green light to use drones is equivalent to climbing into a crocodile enclosure. The U.S. can't help itself when it comes to killing and destruction. It gets high on it!

    The U.S. is run by psychos who get their jollies killing people from other lands, by taking their resources and building evermore military bases.

    When is the world going to realize that the U.S. is a rogue nation intent on world domination?

  • Druthers

    The Pentagon get all these "wonderful toys" so like a child after Xmas…
    It's let's go out and play.