Legal Battle Looms: Musharraf to Return to Pakistan, Be Arrested?

Calls for Former Dictator to Face Treason Charges

The latest in a long line of promises to return to the nation he ruled over as a military dictator from Pervez Musharraf has garnered considerably more attention from Pakistani officials than usual, with Interior Minister Rehman Malik promising the arrest Musharraf the minute he steps off the plane.

Musharraf put on a brave face today, telling CNN in an interview that he was a great success as a ruler of the nation, and that the current civilian government is a failure. Musharraf has said he intends to run for election in the next vote.

Sen. Mian Rabbani, the chairman of Pakistan’s National Security Committee, is calling for the government to immediately register a charge of treason against Musharraf for having twice suspending the Constitution during his military rule.

His efforts to return are almost certain to be the subject of a massive legal battle, but the political ramifications are likely to be minimal, as Musharraf is not believed to have much popularity and is being condemned not only by the ruling parties, but the political opposition as well.

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