The Other Plots: Iran Complains to UN Over US Assassinations of Top Scientists

Documentation of Killings to Be Presented to UN Secretary-General

Most of the talk around Iran and assassination plots lately centers around the convoluted plot against the Saudi Ambassador to the United States, which the US claims was orchestrated by the Quds Force.

Today though the Iranian government flipped the situation around, delivering documentation to the United Nations detailing the alleged US plots which led to the assassination of a number of top nuclear scientists in the nation.

The assassination of nuclear scientists has become increasingly common in Iran, with many cases pointing to either Israeli or US security forces ordering the deaths. US politicians have referenced the assassinations in glowing terms, with former Gov. Tim Pawlenty lauding the killings as the “good works” of the US government.

The US has never, of course, formally acknowledged being behind these assassinations. But the perception that they were, not just among Iranians but among US political figures themselves, seems likely to make this complaint an embarrassing one for the US to contend with.

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