Syrian Tanks Attack Towns Near Turkish Border

Communications Cut Off in Northern Region

Dozens of Syrian tanks backed up by hundreds of ground troops have invaded a region of the nation’s far north, attacking at least 10 villages near the Turkish border, cutting off all access to and communications from the region.

Activists say there are a number of casualties in the area, but exact figures are impossible to confirm because of the lack of communication. As is so often the case the Syrian state media has not covered the offensive.

An offensive this far north will likely be seen as a challenge in neighboring Turkey, where the government has been demanding an end to the crackdowns and was reported to be considering an invasion to set up a “buffer zone” in northern Syria to house all the refugees flocking northward.

Such crackdowns have been moving across the nation for months now, with large numbers of deaths and massive detentions. It has done little to quiet the protest movement, however, and rallies continue nationwide.

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