Report: FBI Investigates Threats to Syrians in US

Regime Critics Report Death Threats

According to reports from Syrian dissidents, the FBI is conducting an investigation into claims that the Syrian government is behind efforts to intimidate critics of the regime inside the United States.

Though the FBI declined to confirm the investigation, Syrians say they have been questioned by the bureau about whether or not they had been contacted and who they thought might be behind it.

Three dissidents who met with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton earlier this month claimed to have received death threats and that the Syrian state media aired photographs of them and condemned them as “traitors.”

The US summoned the Syrian ambassador last month over claims that his aides were filming protesters in an effort to “intimidate” them. Though it seems par for the course for the regime it, like so many other efforts, seems to be failing, as public condemnation of them is only growing.

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