Saleh Rejects Power Transfer Deal

After Railing at Opposition for Not Accepting Deal, Yemeni Ruler Again Backs Away

The GCC deals aimed at removing Ali Abdullah Saleh from power in Yemen were always backed by the Yemeni ruler, until it came time to sign the deal. Whenever the talks progressed to a certain point, he would find a new “objection” and the talks would end.

So when Yemeni President Saleh angrily chastized the opposition for not embracing new talks in recent weeks, it was taken with a grain of salt. And now that they have returned to the talks and a deal is again on the verge of being approved Saleh has again found objections and again slammed the talks.

The deal would see Saleh agreeing to end his multi-decade rule in the country in return for immunity from prosecution for his assorted crimes while in office. Saleh is still in Saudi Arabia after surviving an assassination attempt, and is not expected to return any time soon.

The US has been pressing Saleh to accept the power transfer deal, and has made clear their preference for Major General Hadi as his replacement dictator. The pro-democracy opposition protesters have called for an immediate creation of a council to organize free elections.

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