UN Warns of Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen

Costs of Food Soar as Economy Increasingly Crumbles

The UN mission in Yemen has warned that the nation is facing a growing humanitarian crisis as a result of the growing power-struggle among various factions, which has crippled the nation’s already floundering economy.

Anger at the Saleh regime led to attacks on an oil pipeline, which has brought the nation’s oil industry to a virtual halt. The price of food is soaring, and shipping from one region to another is virtually impossible due to unrest.

Another report released earlier this week warned that as many as 9 million Yemenis are struggling to get access to sufficient food, and that the nation’s health and education services, already among the worst in the region, are being pushed to the breaking point by unrest.

Faced with this, the report warns, shortages are common and the economy is increasingly relying on a black market. The Saleh government insisted the food shortages are “a very serious issue” but insisted they were totally unrelated to the unrest.

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Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.