Thousands Flee as Yemeni Forces Shell Southern Towns

Humanitarian Crisis Looms as Food, Water Shortages Grow

With officials already reporting 54,000 civilians displaced in the south by fighting and growing economic hardships, more and more are on the move today as Yemeni army forces shelled several towns near Taiz.

Though most of the fighting in the south has centered around the Abyan Province and the territory held by Ansar al-Sharif, today’s attacks appear aimed simply at tribal forces loyal to the pro-democracy protesters in the capital city.

Taiz and the area around it have been the site of some of the largest protests outside of Sanaa. The towns attacked were populated by some of the tribes that have backed the northern tribes in calling for Saleh’s ouster and the introduction of free elections.

The Saleh regime has last control over much of the nation at this point, with several provinces entirely out of its control and several more only nominally retaining an official presence. Though it remains unclear what will come after, most of the nation seems to agree that it is ready for the current regime to fall.

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