Tribes Seize Yemen Interior Ministry, State Media Headquarters

Saleh Rules Out Concessions, Insists Yemen Won't Become 'Failed State'

President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s regime has been unable to chase the massive opposition protests off the streets of the capital city of Sanaa for months. The protesters are scrambling today, however, as the regime looks to be tottering in the face of massive attacks from tribesmen.

The Hashid tribes have been rebelling since earlier this week when regime troops moved against their leader’s home in the north. Now the tribesmen are on the offensive, capturing government buildings around the tribal leader’s compound in the capital.

The nation’s Interior Ministry as well as the headquarters of the State Media Agency have been captured, as well as dozens of other buildings. The tribes are the latest in a growing number of forces united against Saleh’s rule.

The dictator, however, appears unimpressed that his government has lost control over most of the country, and is now losing buildings in his capital. In an interview today he condemned the tribesmen for “provocative acts” and insisted he will make no concessions to the protest movement.

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