Did US Apologize for Pakistan Drone Strikes?

Did US Apologize for Pakistan Drone Strikes? | Pakistan reports US pledged future cooperation

Where does the US stand in its relationship with Pakistan? It depends who you believe.

US officials have been emphasizing within the American media that the Obama Administration is “pressing” Pakistan to increase its cooperation while asserting its right to launch unilateral attacks into Pakistani territory.

Pakistani officials, talking in the Pakistani media, are telling the exact opposite story, claiming the US has promised to “cooperate” on all future raids, and even went to the unprecedented point of apologizing for its recent drone strikes.

But did the US really apologize? There’s certainly been no indication from the Obama Administration that this is the case, and since the US launched another major strike today, supposedly right before the apology, the story doesn’t add up all that well.

Both sides seem to be pushing the notion that they are “winning” this particular row in the press, but until the stories stop being in direct contradiction of one another it suggests that the two sides are still not seeing eye to eye. The very public split between the two nations is likely far from over.

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Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.

  • ghouri

    We don,t believe americanbs as they are biggest liers in the world and destorying their country for false allegations and will not change.
    Pakistani politicians are obliged for their power in Pakistan and will dance as the US wants but mistrust in Pakistan is too high an ordinary man on the streets even hate america as I have seen during my stay in Pakistan.
    Americans are too arrogant will continue so and is a sigh of destroying their country.

  • MvGuy

    Perhaps the answer to improved relations with Pakistan would be to allow them to target the Americans they don't like with drones or just ordinary death squads.. Of course the U.S. would want some input into their choice of targets… Maybe we could allow then to snatch some Americans to rendition back to Pakistan for enhanced interrogation techniques. Maybe preacher Terry Jones would be someone that Pakistan would want to interview.

    On the Nuclear front, the U.S. could station a garrison of Frontier Corps troops just outside Los Alamos and Savannah River to name a few, just in case "terrorists" or a breakdown in the chain of command occurred.

    By making these concessions to Pakistan we would move to a more equal stance of equity in these important areas..

    • R.C.

      Well said Myguy.

      The Pakistani "opposition" in Parliament to American drone strikes is a farce. They're being well paid to turn the other way whenever this happens. Pakistani leaders are trying to appease their populace who are sick of all of this by making token statements, but the people of Pakistan are fed up and see through the smokscreen. It's pretty despicable to allow a foreign power to come on to your territory and murder your citizens at will. Who would tolerate such a government for long? I hope the Pakistani people have the will to rise up and take back their government (by force if necessary) from these politicians who have sold them out.


    How knows how istelling the truth we all no politisians jobs depend on lies.America has proven it time and time again.By the bobings inside Pakistan we are at war in 4 different places in the middel east.America is going to collapes and probanbly by desighn.I fell sorry foe the American citizens that are against the evil there country does.They say the do lots of good but that will never make up for the bad.If the US just closed there bases around the world they would create much less people that hate there country.But you can't expect people how have lost friends and family to forgive the illegal wars that caused the deaths in the first place.