Egypt Junta: Mubarak, Family Under House Arrest

Denies Rumors Former Dictator Fled to Saudi Arabia

The military council currently ruling post-Mubarak Egypt denied rumors and media speculation that President Hosni Mubarak had fled to Saudi Arabia and was receiving treatment for cancer in Tabuk.

Rather the junta said Mubarak and his entire family are “under house arrest” somewhere in Egypt, though they did not confirm prosecutor claims he was in Sharm el-Sheikh. They said he would not be allowed to leave the nation.

Hosni Mubarak was president of Egypt from 1981 through early February, when growing public protests forced him from office. The military has since taken over, though they insist this will be in an interim manner.

The military continues to insist they will lift the “emergency law” rules of the Mubarak regime before the September election, though exactly when remains to be seen. The military has continued to use the emergency law to stifle public demonstrations, sparking anger amongst the protesters who ousted Mubarak.

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