President Obama Rehashes Dubious Claims About Wars

President Obama Rehashes Dubious Claims About Wars | Foreign policy content largely culled from past speeches

If you’re wondering what President Barack Obama said about foreign policy in his State of the Union speech, there’s an extremely good chance you already heard it, in many cases word for word, and with fewer pauses for laudatory applause from the peanut gallery.

He once again claimed combat was over in Iraq, despite the number of US troops who have died in combat since he last made that announcement. He cheered how sanctions were really sticking it to the Iranian economy, without mentioning last weekend’s talks. He patted himself on the back for getting the New START Treaty through a lame duck Congress last month.

Beyond that, he lauded the Afghan War and the “enduring partnership” it was creating. Perhaps the only interesting thing, and I say this only for desperation to find something, is that he insisted troops would begin to withdraw from Afghanistan in July.

Of course, he announced the July drawdown in December, and the comments seem to be taken largely from that, but it seems that his speechwriters forget that he publicly disavowed the July 2011 drawdown date in June, and several more times since then.

Ultimately the speech was over an hour of vague references to the future and jokes about TSA patdowns, which were extremely funny to the Congressmen on hand, since they of course are exempt from those.

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  • MvGuy

    More lies, deception and obfuscation from No.1 of the Trojan Whores……………………

  • JLS

    The American people are so ignorant (blame the mainstream media) that he can say anything he wants and not be held accountable when he goes back on it.

  • skulz fontaine

    Benito Obama gave a speech? Oh right, State of the Union. State of the Union is in disarray? Dang, I missed it. Sorry.

  • Debra Williams

    Obama is a smart man , a good orator and a great politician…He says exactly what the poor mangled masses want and need to hear. All of them have been bought and have sold their souls…and have egos to maintain. All sounded real good….when will Americans wake up and take to the streets?

  • Torpedo

    Of course there will be a drawdown of troops in Afghanistan.

    This is in preparation for the inevitable invasion of Iran.

    But don't worry, the troops left in Afghanistan will not be "combat" troops.

    • Russ

      It seems they have given up on invading Iran, especially when worms and sanctions work.

  • Bruce Richardson

    The president's comment "that Afghanistan was the launching pad for 9/11" is entirely false! the state of Afghanistan nor any Afghan national was involved in the planning or implementation of the 9/11 attack.
    At a conference in Berlin during the summer of 2001, months prior to the attacks, Pakistan's Foreign Secretary Niaz Niak, was informed by US officials that they would attack Afghanistan "before the snow flies in October." Niaz Kiak reasoned the motive was regime change following the breakdown of negotiations with Taliban over the proposed Trans-Afghan-Pipeline or (TAP). Taliban had apparently received a better offer from Bridas of Argentina. It is also alleged that a US official (Christina Rocca to Taliban Secretary Hashemi) threatened the Taliban with "You either accept our carpet of gold or we will bury you in a carpet of bombs."

    Obama uses the 9/11 as ongoing justification for aggressive war against a state that has not ever been a threat to the US.

    His foreign policy oratory was pure bovine skatology (BS).

    • Russ

      I think he must have meant that AQ was using Afghanistan as a place to train terrorists, and to kill Afghans.

  • Heathcliff_Maw

    I like the part of your article about congressmen laughing at the TSA groping that exempts them. It would be even funnier if full-fist anal cavity searches became part of the screening. "Take that, you sheep!"

  • Marie A.

    Let them eat cake

    … we've got useless foreign wars to go fight.

  • Russ

    "forget that he publicly disavowed the July 2011 drawdown date in June, and several more times since then."

    He never said, we sould completly withdraw in July. Go back and look. And, can't tell if your knowcking how important, and difficult, it was to get START inacted.

  • Martin Bowen

    Since when are congressman exempted from TSA patdowns? A ref please, for that would be quite something indeed, similar to their health care coverage.

  • KerriKnoxRN

    Members of Congress are not exempt from TSA patdows. Congressman Ron Paul discussed his recent pat down at length… then again, he saves money and flies commercial. Most probably use their taxpayer money for private jets…