Iraq FM: al-Qaeda Planning Attacks in US, Europe

Claims Detainees Took Credit for Stockholm Plot

According to Iraq’s Foreign Minister and Interior Minister, members of the al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) cells captured during the past few weeks of operations revealed a myriad of bomb plots targeting cities in the US and Europe. Foreign Minister Zebari is said to have warned the US and European nations of the plots.

According to Interior Minister Jawad al-Bolani, the recent operations have netted some 73 suspects, and members of one of the cell claimed to have prior knowledge of the Stockholm bombing, though they only revealed this supposed knowledge after the fact.

Swedish officials said they were unaware of any ties between the suicide bomber and al-Qaeda, let alone AQI in particular, saying Bolani’s claims were the first they’d heard of it. Iraqi officials suggested Denmark might be a potential target but did not specify any other countries.

The US seems to be viewing the threats as credible, which is likely something of an embarrassment after officials railed against Iraq for arresting the AQI suspects without obtaining the permission of the Obama Administration first.

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