NATO Commander: New Europe Threat Justifies Afghan War

Nine Years In, NATO Finally Settles on a Reason for War

US Admiral James G. Stavridis, the current head of EUCOM who also holds the needlessly pompous title of NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander for Europe discussed the largely nebulous terror threat against Europe, insisting it justifies the ongoing war in Afghanistan.

By Stavridis’ reasoning the war in Afghanistan is because of a “threat stream” including 9/11 that is continuing from the reason this day, insisting it was prima facie evidence that the war had some purpose. The US State Department issued a travel warning for the entire continent of Europe this week, citing the threat.

Yet in referencing 9/11 Stavridis underscored the flaw in his own reasoning, as nine years of NATO occupation of Afghanistan apparently hasn’t stopped the “threat stream” yet, and if that is what the war is focused on, it clearly isn’t doing a very good job.

Perhaps more troubling however is that a top NATO official is just now looking for a justification for the war over nine years after it began. This is particularly problematic when the war has been as destructive and destabilizing as this one has, and as NATO officials have been insisting for months before this “threat” arose that the war must continue virtually ad infinitum. The only conclusion then would be that the war could’ve continued forever without a justification, and that having come up with something of an excuse was simply a happy coincidence.

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  • Mordechai Shiblikov

    "NATO Commander: New Europe Threat Justifies Afghan War"

    Anything the U.S. government says on any subject under the sun is a lie.

  • davidgrayling

    These warmongering types are anachronisms. They belong to another age: the Dark Ages!

    This piece of crap in a uniform lives for war just like the armament manufacturers live for war, just like the imperialists live for war. They are fashioning our world to suit their own interests and manipulating people like us.

    Most people in this world don't want war. It's for psychopaths and capitalists!

    Let's wage war on the psychopaths and capitalists. Boycott them, ridicule them, protest against them, do nothing that supports them.

  • theothercanada

    Nazi Anglo-American Terrorist Organization will try anything to justify its barbaric, genocidal and terrorist existence. Resist Evil!

  • Albert Bakker

    Reactions in Europe vary from ignoring the latest alarm sounding by the US to governments assuring the people there's no threat. Even US tourists won't have any of that crap. Maybe you'll need the splendid isolation of reading US media only to fall for it. I will not claim to know or even guess what it was to accomplish, but if it hasn't failed it couldn't have been much.

    Maybe then mr Stravidis thought he could get something out of it yet, by painting these warnings – which apparently lack almost as much credibility as the conclusions he draws from them – as the legitimization to prolong an almost ten year old occupation into an indefinite future.

    Seems to me as clear an admission of total failure as it can possibly get without using the actual words.

  • Montaigne

    I agree with you much, but would you Americans sincerely considerate to dismantle the USA itself, if it can be seen -, this intellectual construct with ensuing necessary means of monitoring a conglomerate – as itself an important motor in producing world wide terrorism? Whenever one brings that aspect up, the thumbs go down on one's writings.

    That said, the difficulty in keeping the USA together would probably be FAR EASIER, if some modesty could enter the minds of a great majority.

    But frankly, whenever you are having breakfast in a restaurant with people from different nations, some minority always speaks LOUDER than everybody else, with a typical NASAL addition – making the sound also louder in the speakers own mind. It is a CULTURE AND HISTORY of SUPREMACY that has to be attacked. Well, I fear that is the case, so therefore I mention it.

    • Montaigne

      And I must add, as a matter of fact, that this opinion also met with a thumbs down at once. To the person making that evaluation, I should like to pose him a question: Is a reaction by temper (you do not argue) , instead of by reason (you could have presented another view) not EXACTLY an act from a mind obsessed with a priori superiority? One do not argue with slaves! You tell them, and you might even do it friendly and supportive, but ALWAYS, even when expressing humility, you are congratulating yourself for being yourself – and a superior one especially! No matter worse learning, less language comprehension, unbderstanding of differences or history. No, it is an INBORN superiority. One uphelded by FORCE, or in this case, simple expression of being displeased. So that goes OFF the table, right? Exactly like in international politics where the chiefs tells you other, inferiors, what is allowed on "the table".

  • john

    Here is a guy who is trying to justify his job as head of an entity that no longer has any justification, an organization that was formed to repel an invasion by the now defunct Soviet Union. But with any bureaucracy having a life of its own ,I'm surprised that Rome does not have an organization to defend against the threat of a Visigoth invasion. That would make as much sense as NATO

    • JLS

      That was brilliant and is going in my quotes collection!

  • Michael

    We ought to view our selves as true human beings and reject those who value ideas conquest over human life and decency.

  • andy

    Europe would be better protected from terrorism by restricting immigration and not follwing America's lead.

  • Dr.Khan

    Here we go again……….another BATHTUB ADMIRAL…

    Europe if USA doesn't get it then what the hell is wrong with you that you are not getting it.This war will cost you all that continent Europe built with such hardship after years ans years of worthless WW1 WW2.
    Wake the HELL UP…

  • Carpenter

    Alexander the great, 327 BC: "Look at the Aspasioi and Assakenoi clans, attacking our soldiers. Clearly we must fight them over HERE, in Pakistan, so we don't have to fight them back HOME.

    "Yea, they speak with hatred of Greece. They say, 'Death to Greece, the great demon!' You say we should make peace with such terrorists? Don't you know how many Greeks they have killed already? You say it's OUR fault? Would YOU like it if YOU were killed by one of their spears? Huh? Huh? No, didn't think so! So shut up about how it's 'our' fault!"

    But wait – Alexander the Great was attacking Pakistan, right, not the other way around? So isn't it obvious at least a few of them would strike back any way they could? Of course it's obvious. But only when you see it in other examples. Not in the example we are living in today. We see too many threat hypes to think clearly.