Israel Floats Idea of Swapping Settlement Freeze for US Spy

Israel Floats Idea of Swapping Settlement Freeze for US Spy | Obama approached ‘discreetly and unofficially’

The massive unpopularity of the prospective partial settlement freeze is severely straining Israel’s right-far-right coalition government. If there is one thing the far right factions like its settlements in the occupied territories. But they’re also big fans of spying.

Which is the genesis of the latest cockamamie scheme by the Netanyahu government to make the peace talks in the West Bank about everything but the occupation of the West Bank. According to Israel’s state-run Army Radio, the Netanyahu government is “discreetly and unofficially” approaching the Obama Administration about the trade: spy for freeze.

Jonathan Pollard, to be exact. The US Naval anaylst who has been in prison since 1987 of spying for Israel. Though US-born and a US citizen at the time of the crime, Israel granted Pollard citizenship in 1995, and Prime Minister Netanyahu has been trying to secure his release for over a decade.

Which is where we are now, with the prospect of “trading” a continued settlement freeze, which might keep the peace talks going a little longer, for a confessed spy. The deal might not make much sense, for anyone, but with people trying seemingly anything and everything in this peace process it is perhaps unsurprising.

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  • MvGuy

    Great Idea..!! As long as the freeze lasts, Pollard can be out of prison, when the freeze ends, back he goes..!! Brilliant…!!!!!

    • peacenik

      He will flee the country and be in Israel by then.

  • goldhorder

    LOL.. once in Israel he ain't coming back. This is the Let's see how stupid Obama is plan. If he takes this he is the biggest sucker on the face of the planet.

  • Avi of Mondoweiss

    Israel wants an incentive to abide by international law. That's cute.

    If any other nation on earth were doing the same, the president of the US would have gone on air and declared that the freedom loving nations of this world refuse be held hostage by a rogue state, by a bully.

  • EmeraldDruid

    I have a better idea. The Israeli's have absolutely NO intention of honoring any settlement freeze so instead of dangling Pollard out there OFFER another swap.

    Pollard in return for Rafi Eitan and Mega. His handlers in exchange for Pollard. Then rendition them to Gitmo to be water boarded and find out exactly ALL of what Pollard stole and Israel sold to the USSR !

  • john

    How about this: No settlement freeze no foreign aid, no military aid, and you're on your own. Polard was not just any spy, his activites traded to the Russians the names of American spies in the Soviet Union in exchange for permitting Jews to emigrate to from Russia to Israel. Pollard's activities caused the deaths of hundreds of Americans. Then of course the Israeli version was that Pollard was only spying on Arabs in America. With Pollard, The Levon affair, and The Liberty, and those Israelis cheering from Liberty Park, New Jersey, as the Trade Towers burned in the background to name, the United States should be bombiing Israel and returning palestinian lands to the original owners.

  • john

    How about this: A settlement freeze or no more foreign or military aid. Pollard was not just any spy–he gave up American spies in the Soviet Union in exchange for permitting emigration to Israel of Russian Jews. His activities caused the death of many U.S. agents. But I guess with America oas a client state of Israel it is the Israelis that call the play.

  • James

    Why does anything these leaches in shittylittlestan must honor has to have a price tag to it? Stopping settlements alltogether is the legal and fair thin to do, so why only freezing the settlements comes with a price.
    Then why do the dopey Americans have to foot the bills for all their demands? Where is America's honor? Where are the real Americans?
    The final test for the subjucation of the US by shittylittlestan is close, if Pollard walks and arrives to shittylittlestan alife, then there is no hope for America.

  • tomofsnj

    Does he have to be alive to get the freeze? Pollard case cries that nations should hang traitors so they do not have to deal with a person who made money his only interest. Pollard is the greatest traitor in the the history of the USA. I can see why bibi would want him close and a friend. Pollard is another kid who grew up hating the people of the USA. It is clear that those who hated Pollard when he was young were just good judge of character. .

  • Roger Lafontaine

    Jonathan Pollard for a freeze, i.e. a criminal for a crime. How long is this supposed freeze going to last ? More than a week? Not much by my calculation. This is just another Israeli game/trap for the US to fall into as if we were the most naive nation on earth and Israel was the city slicker taking the chump for a ride. Fooled again, eh?

  • bruce

    Amongst Pollard trove of stolen info. were highly sensitive US targetting info.that enabled Israel to put all European capitols and former USSR in it's sights. Call it Nuclear Blackmail. Isreal had used Nuclear Blackmail during 1973 Mid east war.
    Furthermore the info. that turncoat Pollard stole compromised the cover of several Western and US opreatives that caused the deaths of some. US intelligence had always maintained that there was a higher up Israel American traitor in the government with code name Mega that helped Pollard in his treachery.
    The damage that Pollard and cohort cost were unfathomable to the US.

    Gone are the days when spies were hung!

  • Peacegeek

    America has a lot more levers to apply to the Israelis than Jonathan Pollard, and we really ought to be applying them. Things like: US Aid to Israel; US intelligence collaboration with Israel; US support for Israel at the UN, etc. In actual point of fact, Pollard is a very small bargaining chip. But, if the Israelis want him so badly, they should agree to a permanent peace settlement with: the Palestinians; Syria and Lebanon as a matter of course.

    • tomofsnj

      It is true that the USA does have lots of levers to apply. The problem is we have prostitutes elected to our house of representative and our Senate. They give billions to Israel and AIPAC gives the elected officials a few million in return. It would be illegal except the prostitutes get to write the laws. There will be no peace in the middle east till we elected people of character who stop cheer leading as war mongers. Senator L. Graham of South Carolina is calling for attacks on Iran. He was a big cheer leader for attacks on Iraq. The last thing the USA needs is another war of choice pushed and started by the prostitutes.

  • mike

    Why don't we just execute this traitor.

  • Max

    Okay, I want a fresh bag of 20 dollar bills and a large combo pizza every week in return for stopping at stop signs.

  • Alley O

    Do a Ghengis Khan!

    Give this traitor to Israel — in four pieces.

    • Septimus

      There's that peace-loving, antiwar spirit this website is famous for.

  • NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

    'It would have been cost-prohibitive to remove all that asbestos from the twin towers'

    The five dancing Mossad arrested in NYC on 9/11 ~
    now demand immediate release of Jonathan Pollard

  • AbqBob

    And this is an ALLY??? Why then apply blackmail? Who needs enemies when you have 'allies' like this! If Obama and congress agree to this, they really are merely pawns in Israel's game. I agree with most comments: Israel won't honor their side of the deal anyway, should it go through.

  • keithISGREAT

    The question is what are the real americans gonna do about this? Are we gonna get up and stop this? Are we gonna sanction Israel to death? I hope so.

  • plumbob

    It makes you wonder exactly why they want Pollard realeased so badly.

  • MoT

    Do you ever notice just how badly the Israelis want this guy? I mean, c'mon, he has to have some really juicy dirt on them for all the attention given.

  • Andrewp111

    Now we see what the Israeli's really care about!

    The settlements are not as much of a "core national interest" as is one lousy spy! They care more about a single member of their "family", than possession of land. A whole hell of a lot more.

    This is why they won't nuke Iran. They care too much about the 20,000 Jews that live in Iran.

  • jinxxx

    israel could nuke a city in the US and the US government would say another PLEASE