Hezbollah: Missiles None of Israel’s Business

Hezbollah: Missiles None of Israel’s Business | Hezbollah won’t confirm or deny acquiring scuds

Speaking today through the al-Manar TV channel, Lebanese government Minister Haj Hassan, a member of Hezbollah’s political party, said the faction will neither confirm nor deny the claims it has acquired scud missiles, and added that it was not Israel’s business one way or the other.

Haj Hassan

Israel claimed earlier this week that Hezbollah had acquired the missiles, which would allow them to hit any part of Israel with an attack, and further accused Syria of providing the missiles. Israel did not provide any proof of its allegations.

Syria has pointedly denied providing any scud missiles to Hezbollah, and says that Israel’s accusation is just the latest attempt at damaging the peace process, and could even be a pretext for war.

The growing fear over yet another Israeli invasion of Lebanon has helped considerably in mending relations between Hezbollah and the nation’s other political parties. The repeated Israeli claims that such an invasion is “inevitable” has likewise given Hezbollah ample reason to rearm itself as much as possible as quickly as possible, as the group will likely be expected to provide the bulk of the nation’s defense from such an attack.

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Author: Jason Ditz

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  • JoaoAlfaiate

    Israel is going to attack Lebanon and that is for sure. Killing a thousand plus folks in weakly defended Gaza did not reestablish the reputation of the IDF, so going after Hizbullah will be necessary. And attacking Lebanon may scare Iran into compromising about their nuclear program. I would expect a wide ranging air campaign directed not only at Hizbullah in the south, but also against Lebanese military forces throughout the country and against Lebanese infrastructure as well, esp the airport in Beirut, the port, refinery and POL storage facilities and important road links with Syria. Israel will seek to humiliate the Syrians by the destruction it showers on Lebanon.

  • E. A. Costa

    The Judaic Republic of Palestine has bit off more than it can chew.

  • pwi

    When the IDF beats the living crap out of Hezbollah and Lebanon they will make it their business. And it won't be the "moderate" Kadima led government this time.
    No comment would have been sufficent and prudent from this particular government minister.

    Arm yourself and resist but don't toss gas on a smoldering fire.

    • pwi, as I remember last time the IDF attacked Hezbollah it was they that got "the living crap kicked out of them" sure they inflicted a lot of civilian casualties, but militarily they got their clock cleaned.

  • omop

    The USA is becoming somewhat of a joker in, specifically the Middle East.

    Most of the policy decision makers in US agencies dealing with ME [ Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Pakistan] policies are either out and out zionist and/or individuals with dual loyalties/passports [US and Israeli].

    Whether by ommission or commission the US is implicated in any and all Israeli hostile actions against its neighbors; that include continual fly overs a sovereign nation [Lebanon]; sporadic bombings of Syria; maintaining over one million people in an open air prison, determining when they have shoes, medicine, food, etc,. etc.[Gaza]; ordering both Christians and Muslims when they can or cannot attend their own religious services; using fake passports to murder an individual in a sovereign state.

    On and On and ON.

    Its no wonder that even the US military high command is disgusted with being associated with a rogue society and government that keeps on clamoring that they are our only ally in the World. Given that some principled individuals in the are vocally critical of such assocation one can imagine the esteem the US is held in by other member nations in the US.

    If any of us were living in the vicinity of Israel would we arm ourselves like Hezballah or just suffer their cluster bombs, missiles etc, curtesy of the US Taxpayer.

    Gott to get real people.

  • Dr wassim

    No Israel is not going to attack Lebanon and that is for sure. Balance of fear established between Hezbolah and Israel preveting Israeli aventures … any future war between Hezbolah and Israel even short tern will decrease population of Israel at least 25 % more than one million Israeli will leave israel to russia usa canada etc… jews not feeling safe more in Israel as before … Israel is useless now …. The Israeli daily Yedihot Ahronot noted that the nation of Israel is dispersed and isolated >>> let the parasitic state Israel go to hell

  • Actually the American people are tiring of being humiliated by having to constantly defend Israel's atrocities. Last time Israel attacked Lebanon the IDF was shown to not be as invincible as hitherto believed. I doubt they will want to repeat that. I can't understand that given Israel's overwhelming military advantage (due exclusively to US support) they snivel about a few scuds. Time will tell.

  • stevieb

    The only way for Israel to score a 'victory' over Hezbollah would be to completely level Lebanon and then say it was Hezbollah's fault for being a 'terrorist' group(or whatever). But to be sure, if it happens I expect a far, far bloodier attack than 2006. On the positive side – if there is one – it will probably drop Israel ever lower in the eyes of the world -which can only bring it closer to doing something about this menace to humanity…

  • Dr wassim

    Israeli Coward “soldiers” who can only fight 50 km

    far from targets,high technology serves only high

    cowardish of Israel, They cannot face their faters,

    only kill their mothers and children. So any kind of war against Hezbolah wil collaose Israeli army for sure – Lebanease now highly confident that they are strong and safe now … Balance of fear established between Hezbolah and Israel they feel protecting them … Israel understand power language only

  • joe the plumber

    I see much hostility towards Israel, like, the Israelis really want another war.
    The anger should be placed on the special interests in Israel. Just like everywhere else in the world, the masses are never really in charge. It’s a few greedy scum bags that call the shots.
    Does anyone really think those kids in Israel playing video games and watching their flatscreens want to go to war against those hard core, very angry moslems? think again. Right wing pushy Israeli leaders are putting that country in a very, very bad situation.

  • epppie

    Hezbollah is right on this, and right to say it. Both Israel and the US need to STOP claiming that everything is their business. I'm sorry, but when was the last time Israel and the US asked Hezbollah's permission, or Lebanon's permission for the US to send Israel some more bunkerbusters?