Obama: Israel Should Sign NPT

Obama: Israel Should Sign NPT | Summit managed to avoid issue until closing press conference

President Barack Obama managed to avoid Israel’s nuclear program nearly entirely for the high profile nuclear summit, but was unable to successfully dodge a question at the closing press conference about Israel’s non-membership in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

Though the bulk of Obama’s talks dealt with securing the weapons grade nuclear stockpiles of such rogue nations as Canada and Chile, when pressed he eventually insisted that he wanted every nation, including Israel to sign the NPT. He also insisted that this position was nothing new.

Yet in September the Obama Administration vigorously opposed a vote by IAEA member states calling on Israel to join the NPT, calling it unfair to single out Israel, the only nation in the Middle East that is not a signatory.

When the September IAEA vote happened, Israel reacted with official outrage. When in May a US official made comments suggesting that the Obama Administration wanted every nation to join the NPT the Israeli government had a veritable conniption fit, with several officials coming out to publicly condemn the NPT on principle and vow that Israel would never sign it. The Israeli Foreign Ministry even demanded a US “clarification” of the comment.

So far Israel’s government has yet to respond to Obama’s latest call, but the predictable reaction will be negative, as the government is loathe to even admit it has nuclear weapons, let alone to subject them to international oversight.

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Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.

  • anonimous

    Canada and Chile rogue states? Maybe you should proof read your articles before you post them.

    • Sarcasm – look it up.

      Now that he was forced to outright say it, everyone should pounce on it and remind the Israel boosters of this every time they scream about Iran.

    • Eric Siverson

      I think he wa joking , or maybe they are not the wrost rogue states yet .

  • JDonald

    Why does the world coddle Israel? Make them play by the world rules or cut them off from international ventures. Now that they have got the USA (thanks to Bush and Cheney) as an occupier of two sovereign countries, they will never have to "tow the line". The example now being set by the US military escapades will not be forgotten for many decades. Heaven help us!

    • jack

      no errors

  • MvGuy

    If Chile and Canada are Rogue states, what about the U.S. with its “No rule of Law” policies and its illegal wars conducted by contrivance of boldface lies and forged evidence..???

  • Albert Bakker

    You must be unfamiliar with the playful use of sarcasm. It justly underscores the double standards used by a.o. the US in the ostensible effort of countering the proliferation of nuclear weapons to the point that they actually undermine the whole enterprise. But the term "double standards" refers to the hypocritical application of rules and understandings within a same political framework. This does not apply to the US "special relationship" with Israel, with Israel as the political center of gravity exclusively and normal politics vis a vis the rest of the world, where the US seeks to serve US ànd Israel. (But actually undermining that too.)

    • Albert Bakker

      (Answering to anonimous and MvGuy and forgetting to mention the reversal of priorities as pertaining to the double standards.)

  • jack

    somewhair in between , the zero mag/oo/naught axial line and racial serperation according to the dogs of war,the hipocracy is exzactly the thing "empire of pollution is built upon,fleeting and elusive as it seems to B,con-federation(see ya SPELLED IT WRONG,oo,)THAIR CLAIM MEDICAL AMBAGUITY,haarp,anceint dust,nucleeonic nucleeuuh,(a)TOADS,somewhair about the zero mag line(east)minor/major-srong or weak,,,neaer and far,etc,etc,,,doalive_out,ride mf ride,OO ha ha _PS and if i ya kno fk the pig with the water /surf/ board,just remeber,,,OO,yer mother should kno

  • that weird i though obama wanted a second term?

  • Abdulla

    Although there were mediocre successes in this conference it was a blatant sham. Israel holds about 200 nuclear weapons and is not brought to book, not asked to sign the NPT,does not attend the conference ,and Obama dodges the shoes that are trown at him regarding Israel. On the other hand Iran who signed the treaty is harassed by the US!
    When is this nonsense going to stop!
    Abdulla South Africa

    • ML3


  • Eric Siverson

    It would be a real ineresting book . The book of treaties , Peace treaty after peace treaty .. How effective have peace treaties really been ? What % of the peace treaties have been honored ? Have any ever been lived up to ? Who should be blamed for failure in the past peace treaties ? When are peace treaties often more a declaration of war then a insturement of peace . When has the collection of weapons from the general civilan population been generally a peace movement ? or has it always been a prerequisit for ultimate suppression and violence by the government ? These are all peace movements and peace treaties ? Do we really ever need peace treaties .

  • Eric Petersen

    This has nothing to do with "peace treaties" rather the right of IAEA inspectors to visit nuclear sites. Apparently forgotten in this Iran kerfuffle is inspectors continue to have access to Iran's nuclear operations and its stockpile of LEU. Last fall Iran didn't buy into the US-sponsored plan to send its LEU to Russia-France for upgrading to 20% for its medical isotope reactor. Why? The plan would have Iran give up its (very small) stockpile for up to a year before it was returned. Iran has agreed – months ago – to a simultaneous swap of its LEU for the 20% enriched fuel, a simple and rather straightforward plan – that's been rejected for no logical reason. Israel gained its nuclear capacity by war – for initiating the 1956 War, France promised Israel $100 million in weapons plus the Dimona reactor that was built by St Gobain Nuclear. The only "special relationship" the US has with Israel is the bought-and-paid for in Congress who continually allow Israel to move forward with its grinding ethnic cleansing project without regard to international law. We wonder why "The West" – and especially the US – seems to have a "problem" (wars) in the Middle East?

  • UtopiaNow

    Hasn't Israel alone threatened to use nuclear weapons?
    Is't this a war crime?
    Where is any evidence Iran is a threat?

  • P Norman

    There is no way the current Israeli regime is going to sign this agreement. As long as the Netanyahu Likudists are in control of Israel, there will be no PEACE in the Middle East.

    • pwi

      But it was Olmert's/Livini's Kadima led government that waged Operation Cast Lead and the Lebanon war before it.
      What Israeli government would bring peace?
      Would any Israeli government a) Sign this treaty? and b) give up East Jerusalem?

  • jason

    US law is very clear in banning foreign aid to countries that either do not sign or fail to obey the NPT

    • pwi

      Well I guess that law is not enforced, kind of like the 5MPH over the speed limit.

      US law is never VERY clear and is always full of loopholes.

  • Brett in London

    Another scoop bt the brilliant Jason Ditz I think. Can't see this reported anywhere else – MSM or other.

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  • Israel should sign and also NoKor, Iran and US and its allies.

  • Nice blog post, here can find too mush discussion about this thing.

  • So far Israel’s government has yet to respond to Obama’s latest call, but the predictable reaction will be negative, that's was really bad.

  • janeblakenship

    I think Israel would have a great interaction to have with obama.