Clinton Expresses Doubts on Taliban Reconciliation Talks

US Has No Information on Taliban Interest in Talks

Throwing doubts into the prospect of peace talks, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says she highly doubts that the Taliban would ever be willing to accept America’s pre-conditions of renouncing violence and accepting the current Afghan constitution.

With President Obama having just announced a massive escalation of the war in Afghanistan, it seems that the US isn’t exactly in a talking move and that, despite Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s talk of reconciliation, the prospect is growing dim.

As if underscoring how low the administration’s interest in the peace process has gotten, Secretary Clinton said that the US hasn’t even gotten any firm information on if the Taliban leadership would be hypothetically interested in talks.

Last month a British government memo leaked showing that NATO had been looking at the reconciliation strategy as a way of dividing the insurgency so the Afghan military could “handle” what was left.

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